HR Bill 1505 allows for DHS takeover of seashores and coastal areas

July 20, 2011



A new house bill wants to allow the Department of Homeland Security to have jurisdiction over all federal lands on national seashores and coastal areas.

HR Bill 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act,” would force the Secretary of the Interior to cede authority of coastal public lands, as well as lands located along the borders of Canada and Mexico, to the Secretary of Homeland Security when the latter sees fit. It would give the Dept. of Homeland Security the ability to construct roads and fences, deploy patrol vehicles and set up “monitoring equipment” in the National Seashore with impunity. And it would waive the need for the Dept. of Homeland Security to comply with environmental laws in areas within 100 miles of a coastline or international border.

The laws from which the Dept. of Homeland Security would be exempt include the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Clean Air Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act and virtually every other piece of environmental legislation passed by Congress.

The bill is not without opposition. Congressman William Keating , who also sits on the House committee for Homeland Security, is concerned about the language in the bill as it appears to allow for outright destruction of parts of the United States as long as the DHS claims that there is some sort of security risk. There are also massive environmental and legislative problems to be taken into consideration as well.

…the proposed legislation would give unprecedented authority to a single federal agency to destroy wildlife habitat and wetlands, impair downstream water quality and restrict activities such as hunting, fishing and grazing. It would leave Congress and the public without a voice, even though at stake are hundreds of popular destinations,” including Glacier National Park, the Great Lakes, the California coastline and Cape Cod, said Jane Danowitz, director of U.S. public lands for the Pew Environment Group.

Areas in which environmental laws would be waived under the proposed law include the entire border of Alaska, most of Puerto Rico, all of Hawaii and all of Florida. Other national parks that be would affected include Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainer National Park in Washington, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Big Bend National Park in Texas, Acadia National Park in Maine and Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina.

This is far too sweeping legislation. It essentially allows the DHS to do whatever it wants, including destroying habitats and coastlines, all in the name of security. There would be no oversight and no recourse for anyone or anything in the affected areas.

When is this overreaching of government going to be enough? Would you like to visit any of the places named above if they were swarming with armed military, checkpoints, and “random” stops, especially if you had no recourse to complain about them? What are the “other purposes” in this bill and just how far will it be stretched to fit the mission of the DHS as it changes day to day? We need to stop this bill while it’s still in committee. Once it becomes a law, these former parks and seashores will no longer be a place for a family to enjoy a weekend together. It will be a militarized border, questionable to no one.


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Written by HR Bill 1505 Allows For DHS Takeover Of Seashores And Coastal Areas about 1 year ago.[…] LOP July 20, […]

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Written by Btruth about 1 year ago.

Well most of us know that the ussa was taken over by international elite bankers in 1913. They purposefully destroyed the economy beginning in 1929 then 1933 then in 1980 then in 1990 then in 2001 then in 2008 then in…The new world order is real. They hate any kind of sovereignty. They are also at war within each other for control of the world. They fund and support all wars and revolutions.

They control all resources and all major companies, universities, corporations, and the military academic complex. Through the “operation northwoods” 911 false flag they passed the patriot acts. Stating that all property will be confiscated on land and water and ALL PEOPLE will be put into forced labor camps or reeducation camps(death camps) in the event of a major catastrophe.

When they declare martial law it will all be over, FOREVER. No constitution, no bill of rights, NO FREEDOM of ANY KIND. PREPARE NOW before they destroy the already worthless fiat currency A.K.A. federal reserve notes and/or cause a earthquake/flood/ etc.

Scalar super weaponry is real research it. It allows them to control weather, minds, and all matter. HAARP is pathetic compared to this tech. The russians developed it decades ago. It went full power in 1977 with ‘woodpecker grid’ look it up.

Written by richard about 1 year ago.

Excuse me for thinking…but …this has been common knowledge here in Florida since 9/11 and the Patriot Act…the 100 mile radius from the coastline has been in effect in that the entire State of Florida is under the Border Patrol jurisdiction fir some time now…the rest of the country is also under DHS control within the first 100 miles inland from any border ( just ask anyone who has had to go thru a Immigration Checkpoint 90 minutes from any Mexican Border….

Written by Dave Mowers about 1 year ago.

Awesome! So you have no rights while living in your multi-million dollar home in Long Island! Cannot wait to hear the crying wealthy complain about V.I.P.R. (Visible Intermodel Response Teams) conducting random searches of beach front properties due “increased chatter” about clandestine drug trans-shipments picked by D.E.A. in Mexico. You guys are just going to LOVE having your doors blown off their hinges by ATF welding C4 and machine guns! Don’t forget, V.I.P.R. authorites are not bound by civil rights or State law, they are under the authority of the PATRIOT ACT and you commit a felony by refusal to submit to any demand by T.S.A. V.I.P.R. officers.

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Written by Ponerology about 1 year ago.

What do we think Hurrican Katrina was really all about? The levees were blown up on purpose (just as the levees along the Missouri River were recently blown to flood 130,00 acres of very nice farmland for George Soros to purchase for pennies on the dollar) and many of the residents of New Orleans did not return. Coastline is prime land; always has been, always will be. The powers that be want coastline for themselves. We are being incrementally conditioned to accept everything they shove down our throats.

Written by Anonymous about 1 year ago.

sure…they already do a great job protecting the Mexican border.

Written by Dennis White about 1 year ago.

Ohh. Mann. What does all of this tell everyone – or rather “should” be apparent to everybody???? I WANT A JOB that allows me a mega salary and an almost infinate

allotment of TIME to sit and sit and sit and debate and piece together NEW laws and sublaws and rules of engagement and enforcement that are always ambiguous in nature, with “cliffhanger” summaries and endings that will intimidate all of “The Peoples” to a successful degree of subjugation while never having to be answerable to other and all other bodies of Law…….. and get a HUGE, fun salary at the same time. TY

Written by ray songtree about 1 year ago.

Since 9/11 and shoe and underwear bomber were fake, we know purpose of DHS is not

stopping crime. DHS is simply a continuation of state crime. Control of seashores etc will make their drug running easier. What is obvious is that things will get much worse because dirty laws are being passed with impunity ala a brain dead public which never questions any war budget, while allowing their social security to be pillaged. Balance the budget by ending war Mr Obama.

Written by Anonymous about 1 year ago.

Mexico has a donut security collar around its coasts and borders with the USA, Guatemala and Beleize………………these areas are rife with crime and corruption……..

Written by JD about 1 year ago.

Wake up people !…..They are telling you that you will not be permitted to hunt or fish for food……Once the NWO hits, unless you accept the ” mark of the beast “, you will be unable to feed yourself or your family………Why do you think Bill Gates bought 35,000 acres of farmland in the midwest last year?…..Mr. starve them to death himself………Wake up America !…………