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YouTube, then and now


If you ever have the desire to make a comment on YouTube, Google has now implemented a new popup box that urges you to use your real name instead of whatever name you registered with when you signed up to YouTube. If you refuse to use your real name, you are no longer allowed to comment on YouTube, even on your own uploaded videos. When you try to comment on a YouTube video, a box will pop up that displays your username as it’s currently seen, along with a side-by-side comparison to what it will […]

Saudi Arabia blocks Facebook

Earlier today, Saudi Arabia blocked Facebook over moral concerns. An official with Saudi Arabia’s communications authority says it has blocked Facebook because the popular social networking website doesn’t conform with the kingdom’s conservative values. The official says Saudi’s Communications and Information Technology Commission blocked the site Saturday and an error message shows up when Internet users try to access it. He says Facebook’s content had “crossed a line” with the kingdom’s conservative morals, but that blocking the site is a temporary measure. Although the ban was temporary, it still raises concerns that anyone who questions […]

The Hitler parody video clips taken from the movie Der Untergang (Downfall) have been on the internet for several years now.  Constantin Film has ordered that YouTube take down all the videos made, claiming they are trying to protect their rights. This is the newest battle in the copyright wars. Hitler loses his iphone is not on YouTube, but you can find it here. Of particular note is that the producer of the movie enjoys all the clips himself and does not see a problem with the parody videos. “Someone sends me the links every […]

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