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Julian Assange makes his first public appearance in two months, ever since he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The WikiLeaks founder was granted political asylum on Thursday — a decision that ignited a wave of international responses, with the UK and Sweden opposing the verdict and Latin American countries strongly supporting Ecuador’s move. Lots of discussion at reddit.

Recorded at London’s South Bank literary festival. Source.

Somerset Bean has made a poster series about Julian Assange. The posters detail why Assange is not actually running, but fighting. The entire poster series can be found on Somerset Bean’s blog.

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? – with John PILGER from CaTV on Vimeo. One of the things that almost has never come out of the generally appalling media coverage of Julian and Wikileaks, is the REASON for Wikileaks. It had a moral base. It was about Justice. He wrote it on the home page of the first Wikileaks. It wasn’t necessarily finally defined, but to use that expression… he nailed his colours and the colours of Wikileaks to the mast. This was going to be about Justice. It was about seeking Justice through letting people […]

Governments and corporations are never happy with whistleblowers. This is due to the fact that whistleblowers tend to expose corruption to the public in which they are harming. This is why they are so eager to use programs, such as Raytheon’s SureView, to detect and catch a whistleblower before they can inform the public. “SureView is designed to capture the next Bradley Manning,” Szedelo said of the Army private who uploaded hundreds of thousands of classified documents from the military’s secret Internet protocol router network (SIPRnet) onto a remote server affiliated with WikiLeaks. With his […]

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