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In light of Obama’s proposal this week to study the impact of media on violence, Adam examines what exactly it is about video game violence that attracts us, and how those unfamiliar with new media have a tendency to misconstrue it. Source.

Source. Mirror. Mirror 2.

Sex offenders in the United States are slowly losing their rights. First, they were banned from Facebook, now, in New York State, they’ve been banned from online gaming because there might be children playing those same games. Many games contain an audio or text component that allows players to communicate with one another. Mr. Schneiderman warned that those methods of communication could allow sexual predators “to establish contacts with children they would never be able to establish” in parks or playgrounds. Before you think this is a great idea, think of all the people online. […]

From KFOR:   More discussion at Slashdot and reddit.

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