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Jeff Buske has invented underwear for men and women to protect their private bits when going through the full body scanners at the airport.

A thin piece of metal shaped like a fig leaf is placed in men’s underwear to block the view of the area while going through body scanners.

There are also pads made of the same material that women can place inside their bra.

The inventor of the product said while it will hide anatomy, it won’t hide anything illegal.

“If someone is trying to hide something large under the thing it’s going to show up as a bulge, visible to the eye,”

While it’s nice to have your private bits covered, I’m still concerned about the health issues and radiation.

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Known online as furrygirl, this woman wore see-through underwear to the airport for her strip down and pat down at the airport.

You can view her twitter feed as well as photos here and here.

My TSA Stripdown: Nov 21 at Seatac from Furry Girl's Feminisnt.com on Vimeo.

Read the entry about this on my (NSFW) blog:


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