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Taiwan takes on America’s latest rage.

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New Jersey legislators tell the TSA that they are violating the Constitution, and New Jersey will not stand for it.

Senator Michael J. Doherty (R-Hunterdon, Warren) and Senator James Beach (D-Camden) today announced they will present resolutions to the Senate and Assembly calling on the U.S. Congress to end TSA screening procedures requiring full body scans and pat downs at U.S. airports Their action comes in response to widespread concerns over privacy and radiation, as well as reports of inappropriate conduct by TSA agents during the screening process.

“The pursuit of security should not force Americans to surrender their civil liberties or basic human dignity at a TSA checkpoint,” said Doherty. “Subjecting law-abiding American citizens to naked body scans and full body pat downs is intolerable, humiliating, vulnerable to abuse, and is fast becoming a disincentive to travel. Particularly concerning to us is the fact that physical searches result in children being touched in private areas of the body. Terrorists hate America because of the freedoms upon which this great nation was built. By implementing these screening measures, the TSA has already handed a victory to those who seek to destroy our freedoms.”

You can read the full press release here.

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Don’t forget to opt out and to sign the petition at fly with dignity.

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Pilots have been talking to the TSA and pilots may have their security procedures changed.

This is what we are fighting against. This comment is from the comment section on CNN:

I hope this guy really does decide not to fly again. I would hate to have him on my flight. I have been patted down and scanned and never regretted it. I am a nervous flyer, and appreciate the feeling of security TSA provides – although I do think the manner of the some of the agents needs improvement.

The uninformed and ignorant public are fine with the “feeling” of security the TSA provides. They are fine with the invasions of privacy so long as they feel like they are secure. When, on its best day, the TSA only screens about 5% of its cargo, how much better do you think screening passengers really is? The TSA hasn’t caught any terrorists.

We need to fight against, not only the horrific full body scanners and invasive pat downs, but also against people who don’t know what their talking about. Write your representatives in Washington and remember Opt Out Day is November 24th.

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Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center, is suing TSA and wants body scanners removed from airports.

Remember folks, these scanners cannot even detect the types of explosives (PETN) that caused the increase in security to begin with. They are nothing but a waste of time and money and are only there to harass regular passengers.

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