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I received the email below this morning from a very good friend in The Netherlands. He and I have regularly visited one another since 1994, taking turns as to who will go to what country on holidays. Our families even had a vacation together in Tanzania in 2005.

Hi Irene

did a lot of reading yesterday – wow this bodyscanner is really scary.

teraherts is not radiation – no its radio waves instead.. right –

radio waves and radiation are the same, just another frequency – if it is powerful enough to look underneath your skin, that simply ain’t right and
kid of 2 knows that.

I saw that in the UK they are actually mandatory, or you don’t fly!

I do fly to the UK for business now and then – if they are coming into the airports where I go through, I will no longer be flying to the UK, but take boat/train instead. I refuse to go to useless pieces of equipment that do nothing that to make you glow in the dark. If I wanted that I would buy facepaint from the partyshop

Interestingly enough what I read is that the more intelligent people seem to go to the pat down part instead of the body fryer, the cattle seems to willingly go through the rest of it.

To get into a courthouse – I would possibly be willing to go through it, as there a lot of times people take knifes etc with them on their body – to attack other people etc. That is a total other story – I see it pretty useful there, but this whole scanner business on airports looks like someone made a great deal is making a sh*tload of cash out of it.. :)

If they will make it mandatory in the USA as as well, as it looks like that they will want to do, I will no longer be able to see you as well. sorry – you can put this in your blog

Or I fly to Canada and take Amtrak or something :)


The only thing I have changed in this email is my friend’s name.

The unfortunate thing about all this is that I currently live 13 hours by car from the nearest Canadian airport and about 10.5 hours by car from the Canadian border. It is highly likely that my friend will not visit me in America until these scanners go away, which might be never again. It is also sad because his wife has never been to America and has always wanted to visit.

It is fortunate, however, that I enjoy The Netherlands and will probably visit it again. I already have two other friends from The Netherlands who refuse to visit the USA because of the previous TSA security rules and I have to visit them. I can’t really blame any of them as I wouldn’t want to have to put up with having my fingerprints and photo taken like a criminal just to enter the country.

I really hope more citizens and politicians continue to fight these invasive security theater measures.  They are not helpful to anyone and are only lining the pockets of those who have a vested interest in the companies that make the scanners.

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Keith Olbermann speaks with an expert in airport security in Israel, and how unnecessary removing shoe, pat downs, and naked body scan are to provide safe travel.

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A compilation of events involving the TSA and their questionable behavior.

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Glenn Beck goes on an extended rant about the TSA. It starts at about 2:40 in the video.

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