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After receiving a lot of negative media attention towards their new bandwidth caps, TimeWarner has attempted to justify the situation by saying that it’s the customers fault.  TimeWarner wants tiered Internet access, but not ala carte cable. What TimeWarner has essentially done is oversell their subscriber lines, then complain when subscribers try to use the bandwidth they were sold.  It is as if TimeWarner has five pieces of candy and sells two different customers three pieces of candy each.  Then, when each customer wants their three pieces of candy, they blame the customer for being […]

In the infinite wisdom of the company, TimeWarner has decided to roll out 5GB to 40GB caps (up/down combined) on it’s Internet customers.  Users that exceed their limits will be charge $1 per GB.  One can only assume it is to piss off current customers and keep away potential new customers.  This is, without a doubt, one of the dumbest moves they could have made.  I’m only going to say this: If you subscribe to for your baseball games.  Those baseball games eat up 42-50GB per month. Netflix will take up ~4.5GB per streamed […]

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