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The very first time I considered the face that the federal government, in whatever agency it chose, could spy on and record the things I did, whether it be online or off, was when the story about AT&T and their room 641A broke. I was slightly shocked then, but, after thinking about it for a while, it wasn’t a surprise. The government has had programs like Echelon and Carnivore for years, so it wasn’t a huge revelation when I discovered that corporations were helping the government accomplish their task. What did surprise me was that, […]

Jacob Appelbaum speaks about surveillance and privacy at a geekup on May 28, 2013, in Bangalore, India. The geekup was organized by HasGeek and Tactical Technology Collective in association with null – The Open Security Community. Foreword by Bhairav Acharya, legal researcher working on the draft Privacy (Protection) Act of 2013 in India. We lost a few seconds of Bhairav speaking, but the bulk of his foreword and the entirety of Jake’s talk are present here. Video.

Google glass hasn’t even been out two months and people have already taken its potential to the creepiest levels. Three apps are set to make Google Glass extremely creepy as well as heighten privacy concerns. Google Glass porn POV. There’s also Winky, the app that let’s you take pictures of people by merely winking. Google Glass was designed so that, in order to take pictures, you had to wave or use a voice command, alerting people that you were taking a photo. With Winky, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Lambda Labs is […]

Florida has activated its 13-county system in which they say regular citizens will be able to report suspicious activity related to terrorism. The new systems stresses the “see something, say something” mantra to Floridians. The iWATCH system, individuals have the convenience of making the report online. The site provides examples of red flags to watch for, such as people with an unusual interest in building plans or who are purchasing materials useful in bomb making. Important places to watch include hobby stores and dive shops. The list also includes malls, hotels and motels, financial institutions, […]


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