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In this exclusive, unedited interview, SCOTUSblog founder Tom Goldstein discusses the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act hearings and the details of his strip search case.

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While conservatives and liberals exchange convictions about judicial review, the Supreme Court rules to allow strip searches following any arrest.

The ACLU has more concerning the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Two months ago, the Supreme Court ruled that you can’t strip search a student, but some school officials in Iowa apparently don’t like following the law.  A classmate reported $100 missing from her purse and school officials decided that a strip search of five girls was the best solution to the problem.

The classmate and a female counselor stood watch in the girls’ locker room at Atlantic High School as the five girls removed their clothing, lifted up their underwear, and in one case took off all her clothing, according to lawyers Ed Noethe of Council Bluffs and Matt Hudson of Harlan.

Strip-searching is illegal in Iowa schools.

There is so much wrong with this situation.  First, why was the classmate allowed to watch the five girls being strip searched?  Where does anyone think this is okay?  Second, not only has the Supreme Court already made their point clear, strip searching has been illegal in Iowa since 1986!

The school is denying it was a strip search.  Uhm, I hate to break it to you, but if a girl is naked or has to strip down to her underwear and then move said underwear aside, it’s a strip search.  The Supreme Court explicitly said that this action is a strip search.  State education officials agree with the Supreme Court.

The older sister of one of the girls said the teen took off her bra and underwear after specifically asking if she had to do so. She complied because she did not want to cause a scene, the sister said.

Make a scene.  It is illegal to force a student to do this and parents should instruct their children to make a scene.  It is never okay for anyone to search your belongings.  Make sure you tell them no and then tell them you want a parent or a lawyer before you’ll even think of complying.

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