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You might have heard that as of this week the NSA is no longer capturing your phone call and text message data. But is that really true?


There’s a good chance your new car is going to be spying on you. Modern vehicles are powerful data-scraping machines, warns a group of B.C. privacy advocates, and Canada urgently needs to regulate what companies can do with the information cars send them. The British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) published a 123-page report Wednesday, detailing what your vehicle might know about you and who can access that information. The report details its concerns about how much information it is tracking, including knowing nearly every part of your life by tracking your […]

Who will watch the spies?

Momentum is building to #RejectFear and stop theHarper Conservative‚Äôs reckless, vague and unnecessary ‘Secret Police’ bill before they can rush it into law. We’ve got a plan to stop this bill from passing without major changes and proper oversight – and it starts with making sure that people from all across Canada see a new video that shows just how high the stakes are. Source.

Tell no-one A century of secret deals between the NSA and the telecom industry For nearly one hundred years, the NSA and its predecessors have been engaging in secret, illegal deals with the American telecom industry, with both virtually immune from prosecution. How did this begin? How does it work? How much have US presidents known? What happens when they get caught? Will it change after the Snowden revelations? A fascinating look at a hundred years of handshakes and backroom deals between the eavesdroppers and the telecom executives.

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