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From Help Net Security: After having disclosed the extent of the employees’ information stolen in the recent hack to the California Attorney General’s Office, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has sent out an email to the affected workers, outlining the scope of the potential damage the “brazen cyber attack” might bring to them personally. “Although SPE is in the process of investigating the scope of the cyber attack, SPE believes that the following types of personally identifiable information that you provided to SPE may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals: (i) name, (ii) address, (iii) Social […]

Earlier this year, Sony had its Playstation Network (PSN) hacked and it was down for more than a month. Several users brought a class-action lawsuit against Sony and, now, Sony is fighting back. The PSN now has a mandatory upgrade for all users in which part of the TOS forces the user to give up their rights to ever suing Sony again. Sony has gone so far as to suggest that anyone refusing to upgrade will be banned from PSN. This is Sony’s blatant attempt to remove any responsibility on their part if or when […]

Sony has mad the news over the last 4-5 weeks for all the wrong reasons. If you would like to see the detailed list of how many times they’ve been hacked, just head over to Absolute Sownage and read all about it. The most disgusting part of all this is that Sony stored the passwords of its users in plain text. It’s absolutely pathetic that a corporation as big as Sony can’t even get the basics of security right. the latest hack was performed using SQL injection: a rudimentary technique that depends on improper handling […]

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