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Rape victim Lydia Cuomo advocates for passage of the “rape is rape” bill, which would redefine rape in New York state. From the NY Daily News: At the urging of a brave Bronx teacher brutally raped by a city cop, the state Assembly unanimously passed a bill Wednesday to toughen the state’s rape laws. The so-called “rape is rape” bill would classify vaginal, anal and oral contact as rape. The latter two, under current state law, are considered criminal sexual conduct, not rape — a distinction some victims say lessens the perceived severity of the […]

From Action News 19: We’ve learned a Transportation Security Agent has been arrested on a warrant for the rape of a northeast Ohio boy he had been mentoring as a big brother. The man had been a volunteer with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland. Cleveland Sex Crimes investigators built a case against him, and he was arrested at the airport in Newark, NJ. He had gone to work for the TSA in Germany. We’re not naming the man until he gets brought back to Cleveland and charged. 19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, […]

Field of Hope

In the Congo (DRC), rape is an every day occurrence. They are then shunned by their families and communities. Masika Katsuva is taking in those women and trying to make a difference in their lives. FIELD OF HOPE PREVIEW from STUDIO 9 FILMS on Vimeo. “We women have something precious that everyone seems to be after. ” – Masika Katsuva In a corner of Eastern Congo (DRC), Masika Katsuva is planting rows of seed in a field. Masika and the women farming with her are all survivors of the worst brutalities imaginable, multiple rapes and […]

A few things should be made clear here before everyone gets up in arms over this. This did not happen on the job and the man is innocent until proven guilty. What should be considered disturbing is that, if true, this man had a job groping individuals for a living.

If you’re a typical American, you probably read the big American newspapers and maybe a local paper or two. Most Americans don’t read newspapers from overseas, which means that they have missed a huge story about the disgusting treatment of people at the hands of American citizens. Two stories have recently come to light about just how inhumane the American soldiers have been. It is the story of rape and random killings. We saw the photos of Abu Ghraib that the government wanted us to see, but there were worse photos to be seen. These […]

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