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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses the power of propaganda. A study has been released which looked into the effect of Nazi propaganda on Germany, particularly it’s long-term impact. Do you think the impact of Nazi propaganda is still felt today? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Anti-Semitic propaganda had a life-long effect on German children schooled during the Nazi period, leaving them far more likely to harbor negative views of Jews than those born earlier and later, according to a study published Monday. The findings indicate that attempts […]

Dystopian food is here today

A post on reddit started this. Packaging is usually eye-popping to grab the consumer and make them buy a particular brand. Wal-Mart, and others, are now going the dystopian route in their packaging. Wal-Mart Sweden Or just come to Sweden! We already have this kind of brand here: “Blåvitt” (which means “Blue-white“, like the colors on the box). They have corn flakes and a bunch of other stuff. It just says exactly what the product is on the label. Kaffe is coffee, lingonsylt is lingonberry jam, skål is bowl, mugg is mug, and so on. […]

Elections are always a contentious time. This year, in Australia, all of the major television networks have refused to air an ad created by GetUp Australia as they consider it distasteful or they don’t want to anger Rupert Murdoch. Channel 10 said outright on the phone that they wouldn’t run the ad because it criticises [sic] another media outlet. Lachlan Murdoch is on the company’s board. We’re sure the two are totally unrelated. Channel 7 refused the ad because “the creative execution was considered distasteful and potentially offensive to our audience, so we have decided […]

What domestic spying means to you: analyzing trends in propaganda on a global scale. Transcript and sources. Alternate Vimeo link.

Aaron Wood has created several social media propaganda posters. You can purchase one of his many 11×14 posters. I posted my favorite below, but you can see all of Aaron’s work on his etsy page.

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