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The law is wrong in so many ways. Redditor highguy420 sums it up concisely as to what is to wrong with the law.

The list isn’t even a list of pedophiles. It is people who urinate in public, kids that are exploring their sexuality in a healthy way with age-appropriate partners (i.e. sexting), victims of false accusations gone too far, and also some pedophiles too. The list is so vague as to be useless. Actually, I have to correct myself there, it works to help pedophiles find neighborhoods that have a false-sense of security since no pedophiles live there. So, I can’t say the list is completely useless, it’s simply not beneficial to society in any way.

Something as simple as public urination can put a person in this list. Their lives are ruined because the laws are vague enough that many people believe that you must be a pedophile if you’re on the list. It’s inconceivable why law enforcement continues to put teens, streakers, and drunk people who pee on the side of the road in the same group as rapists and pedophiles, yet they do and they never think of the consequences.

The list is a symptom of a law enforcement system that has no idea how to do their job. It is an ineffective half-measure designed to placate the populace while doing nothing to benefit them. It increases fear and justifies large law enforcement budgets, but does nothing to promote safety. In fact, the list does all sorts of things it wasn’t (publicly) intended to, and fails at the single task it was created for.
These laws are deplorable and unjust. If a sex offender has been released from prison, then the prison is attesting to the fact that their time has been served and they are no longer a danger to their community. It is the job of the prison system to ensure that they have been rehabilitated. To not do so is failing in every aspect of a civilized society.

If they cannot be trusted in society, then they should not have been released. To continue punishing them after they have served their time is inhumane and often forces them to live in clustered communities where they can’t really have a normal life anymore.

If you’re a murderer, identity thief, fraudster, scammer, or any other type of convicted felon, feel free to keep using Facebook and going about your life as normal. You are, apparently, “better” than a sex offender, even if he was just drunk and peed in the bushes.

Picture from the Telegraph.

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Sex offenders in the United States are slowly losing their rights. First, they were banned from Facebook, now, in New York State, they’ve been banned from online gaming because there might be children playing those same games.

Many games contain an audio or text component that allows players to communicate with one another.

Mr. Schneiderman warned that those methods of communication could allow sexual predators “to establish contacts with children they would never be able to establish” in parks or playgrounds.

Before you think this is a great idea, think of all the people online. How many of them have bizarre usernames or sexually suggestive usernames? Use the name, “ilikeballs” and you’re now losing your account and could end up being arrested because you’re a sexual predator. After you’ve completed your jail time, your life will forever be restricted until the point that we will have towns made up of just people like you that we need to keep away from the rest of society.

Read the rest of my article at The Daily Censored.

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The creator of the family friendly tower defense game Childhood’s End has had to make changes to his game after Apple has said that his game is a tool for pedophiles.

“The Apple rep at first asked me what the purpose of the app was supposed to be,” Pixel Brain’s Steve Hunn told Eurogamer in an email. “I didn’t understand what she was getting at and said something along the lines of ‘its just a game – I want people to play it’.

“She then asked me if I knew about Pedobear. I quickly put two and two together but played dumb so I could hear her explain it to me. She basically said that the combination of the game’s (original) icon and one of the submitted screenshots plus the title ‘Childhood’s End’ made someone along the review chain think that the game might be a recruiting tool for paedophiles(!).”

Hunn duly changed the icon, tweaked the offending character design and the game is now back in the App Store.

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Ken Wooden, founder of Child Lures Prevention is an expert in child sexual abuse and he is angry at the TSA. TSA officers have been told to make the new pat downs into a game in an effort to make children more cooperative at the security gate.

Telling a child that they are engaging in a game is “one of the most common ways” that sexual predators use to convince children to engage in inappropriate contact, Wooden told Raw Story.

Children “don’t have the sophistication” to distinguish between a pat-down carried out by an airport security officer and an assault by a sexual predator, he said.

The TSA policy could “desensitize children to inappropriate touch and ultimately make it easier for sexual offenders to prey on our children,” Wooden added.

“How can experts working at the TSA be so incredibly misinformed and misguided to suggest that full body pat downs for children be portrayed as a game?” Wooden asked in an email. “To do so is completely contrary to what we in the sexual abuse prevention field have been trying to accomplish for the past thirty years.”

TSA regional security director James Marchand thinks anything that makes the process easier for his staff is perfectly fine.

“You try to make it as best you can for that child to come through. If you can come up with some kind of a game to play with a child, it makes it a lot easier,” said Marchand, promising to make it part of TSA training.

TSA administrator John Pistole has said he may change the pat down procedure for children and victims of sexual abuse. He has not said how adults could identify or prove that they were victims.

The TSA is truly ignorant and stupid if they think this was ever a good idea.

Email the TSA and let them know what you think about the illegal pat downs and scans:


DHS Janet.Napolitano@dhs.gov

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The FBI warns in a secret memo that the new Barbie doll with a hidden video camera inside could possibly be used by pedophiles.

In the alert, mistakenly released to the press, the FBI expressed concern that the toy’s camera, which can capture 30 minutes of video and rivals a Canon 7D in quality (see above), could be used to lure children and surreptitiously film child pornography. Barbie and other dolls have been used in the past by sexual predators to attract victims.

The FBI has also started an investigation into whether or not the doll is safe. Mattel says that they haven’t heard of any incidents involving pedophilia and the Barbie video doll. A woman in the video says that something like pedophilia could never be used with the Barbie doll. Never say never, I guess. It could happen.

The Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

A comparison between my two new cameras: The $1,800 Canon 7D versus the brand new $50 Barbie Video Girl… available in the girlie aisle of your local Toys R Us. It’s the sassiest camera money can buy.

This is also a spoof of another video that compared the Canon 7D and iPhone 4: “iPhone 4 as good as the 7D? No, but it’s amazing for what it is.” http://vimeo.com/12925855

Director/Editor: Brandon Bloch // www.brandonbloch.com // Twitter: @bloch_party
Director of Photography: Fernando Ortega // www.vgfilms.com

Music: Tiga “You Gonna Want Me”

Enjoy. It’s all in good fun.

**UPDATE: Barbie found a new home. She was donated to my friend’s daughter, a 3-year-old future filmmaker named Camera. As a grown man, it was a little weird having a Barbie lying around my apartment anyway, right?**

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