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Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, (ret.) talks with Rachel Maddow about how Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and state legislators protected the oil and gas industry from being held accountable for pollution that has destroyed vital protective coastal wetlands. Source.

Body-worn video cameras are quickly becoming standard-issue for American police, especially at departments in the process of reform. And in New Orleans, the troubled police department is now requiring almost all officers to wear the cameras. It’s hard to be positive about this when these cameras can “malfunction” and the footage can disappear just like the cameras in police cars. More.

Men hired by BP to work security on the beach in New Orleans attempt to block a reporter from the public beach and from talking to BP workers. The reporter doesn’t give up and, when the police arrive, they agree the reporter can go anywhere on the beach. It’s a shame that every single media organization in the country isn’t doing this as well. Fortunately, the Internet is helping to keep this story alive and prevent BP from covering it up as they continue to try and do.

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