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The military says it wants to use the flying robot to monitor volcanoes and landslides as well as any other potential disaster area.

The cylindrical robot is about 20 inches across. It houses a high-speed propeller system for propulsion, while four small wings allow it to move up and down and in every direction. The drone is equipped with high-power cameras and GPS tracking. It can fly for about 30 minutes at a time.

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This is the video of North Korea’s military parade from last week.

Around the nine minute mark, it sounds like they’re playing,”If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.”

via nos.nl.

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If you’re a typical American, you probably read the big American newspapers and maybe a local paper or two. Most Americans don’t read newspapers from overseas, which means that they have missed a huge story about the disgusting treatment of people at the hands of American citizens. Two stories have recently come to light about just how inhumane the American soldiers have been. It is the story of rape and random killings.

We saw the photos of Abu Ghraib that the government wanted us to see, but there were worse photos to be seen. These were deemed so terrible that our fragile little “America is the best nation ever” eyes could not see. At least that is how the government thinks. If we had seen, heard, read about the rape and torture, particularly women, in Abu Ghraib, the nation would have turned against the government and demanded all troops return home immediately. Instead, we’ve been kept in the dark about what really happens there.

Read the rest of my article at The Daily Censored.

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