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This week on Moyers & Company, a special report on a two-week, 185-mile trek through the winter cold in New Hampshire, led last month by constitutional scholar and activist Lawrence Lessig, to raise awareness of the crippling problem of corruption in American politics. “If you think about every single important issue America has to address. If you’re on the right and you care about tax reform or addressing the issues of the deficit. On the left if you care about climate change or real health care reform. Whatever the issue is, if you look at […]

Author and Harvard Law Prof. Lawrence Lessig on why a better political environment means needing to fundamentally change the way we fund elections. Source.

An Australian record label sent a take down notice to YouTube because one of its users supposedly violated their copyright. Unfortunately for them, the video they were targeting was one of Lawrence Lessig, a world-renowned copyright lawyer, and now Lessig is suing back. Lessig posted his lecture on YouTube, which uses a technology that scans videos to find copyrighted songs. Many labels and artists have agreed to let songs stay up in return for a cut of the money that YouTube gets from ads it runs with the videos — but some labels, like Melbourne-based […]

You can find out more at The Internet Must Go as well as a AMA on reddit. If you want to read even more, read the Ars Technica and New York Times‘ articles as well.

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