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In this exclusive, unedited interview, SCOTUSblog founder Tom Goldstein discusses the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act hearings and the details of his strip search case.

Part I

Part II

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While conservatives and liberals exchange convictions about judicial review, the Supreme Court rules to allow strip searches following any arrest.

The ACLU has more concerning the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Wired’s Spencer Ackerman voluntarily allows himself to be hit with the Pentagon’s pain ray gun.

Some of the device’s limitations are rainy weather, which decreases its effectiveness, and its boot-up time is 16 hours, which means that when they break up demonstrations, they were planning ahead for it.

You can read all the details over on Wired.

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In case you missed these videos when they were released in December 2011, here they are again.

NDAA/FEMA 72-hour notice/MTV Commercial

MTV warns Martial Law in America 1

MTV warns Martial Law in America 2

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