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M51Xt44In case you haven’t seen this chart before, the breakup of the Bell was a good thing. Unfortunately, after dividing into baby Bells, they just started acquiring each other again until a few choices were left.

Not on the list as they weren’t part of the original Bell network, T-Mobile is now being acquired by Softbank, which owns Sprint.

Similar trends can be seen in the airline industry.

020113-airlines-v3bIt’s happened in the railroad industry as well.

railroad_mergers_chartThe oil industry is also not immune.


Internet service providers (ISPs) are slightly more diverse, but most Americans don’t really have a choice as only monopolies exist in their area already. With proposed mergers, that choice nationwide could get even smaller.


The consolidation of banking has also happened.


To get a better grasp on the banking, here is JPMorgan Chase alone.

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From NBC:

Snowden walked out of the NSA with tens of thousands of documents on thumb drives, documents that he says he has released to journalists. These documents disclosed the global reach of U.S. intelligence, including descriptions of government surveillance of U.S. telephone and email records, tapping of undersea fiber-optic cables carrying internet traffic, and accessing Yahoo and Google’s internal user data without either company’s knowledge.

When Williams asked, “Do you see yourself as a patriot,” Snowden answered immediately.

“I do,” he said. “I think patriot is a word that’s — that’s thrown around so much that it can devalued nowadays. But being a patriot doesn’t mean prioritizing service to government above all else. Being a patriot means knowing when to protect your country, knowing when to protect your Constitution, knowing when to protect your countrymen from the — the violations of and encroachments of adversaries. And those adversaries don’t have to be foreign countries. They can be bad policies. They can be officials who, you know, need a little bit more accountability. They can be mistakes of government and — and simple overreach and — and things that — that should never have been tried, or — or that went wrong.”


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Liberal senator Bill Heffernan has taken a mocked-up “pipe bomb” into Parliament House to show new security arrangements are “a joke”.

Under the new system, some passholders and their belongings are not scanned when entering the building.

Previously, everybody coming into Parliament House had to be checked through security.


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Tell the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a title II common carrier telecommunications service.


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For the past three years, Elaine Rich and 3,000 other average people have been quietly making probability estimates about everything from Venezuelan gas subsidies to North Korean politics as part of , an experiment put together by three well-known psychologists and some people inside the intelligence community.

According to one report, the predictions made by the Good Judgment Project are often better even than intelligence analysts with access to classified information, and many of the people involved in the project have been astonished by its success at making accurate predictions.


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