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The new Xbox One is meant to heavily rely on kinect for voice commands and will, eventually enable two-way conversations. It will also rely on facial recognition that can tell if someone new enters the room. This has led to some very creepy scenarios in which privacy advocates have begun discussing. Naturally, the first thought is of advertisements. Microsoft owns Skype and its users recently found out that Skype listens in on calls. It isn’t that far of a leap to see a world where a person’s Skype connections are automatically added to the Xbox. […]

An overview of copy protection and DRM schemes used in computer gaming, covering the most notable and interesting methods from the late 70’s on up through today!

Sex offenders in the United States are slowly losing their rights. First, they were banned from Facebook, now, in New York State, they’ve been banned from online gaming because there might be children playing those same games. Many games contain an audio or text component that allows players to communicate with one another. Mr. Schneiderman warned that those methods of communication could allow sexual predators “to establish contacts with children they would never be able to establish” in parks or playgrounds. Before you think this is a great idea, think of all the people online. […]

Sony has mad the news over the last 4-5 weeks for all the wrong reasons. If you would like to see the detailed list of how many times they’ve been hacked, just head over to Absolute Sownage and read all about it. The most disgusting part of all this is that Sony stored the passwords of its users in plain text. It’s absolutely pathetic that a corporation as big as Sony can’t even get the basics of security right. the latest hack was performed using SQL injection: a rudimentary technique that depends on improper handling […]

Bioware forum poster, Arno, recently had his account suspended by EA for 72 hours because he complained on their forums. Arno could not even play his Dragon Age II game in single player mode because the DRM that comes with the game won’t allow it unless you connect to the server first. So what did Arno do that was so wrong? He said this: On EA Live Chat they told me that that I said: “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?” While this is hardly worth banning someone for three days over, […]

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