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In response to evolving terrorist threats, including non-metallic explosive devices and weapons, the U.S. TSA has adopted full-body scanners as the primary passenger screening method at nearly 160 airports nationwide at a cost exceeding $1 billion. Although full-body scanners play a critical role in transportation security, they have generated considerable controversy, including claims that the devices are unsafe, violate privacy and civil liberties, and are ineffective. Furthermore, these scanners are complex embedded systems that raise important computer security questions. Despite such concerns, neither the manufacturers nor the government have disclosed enough technical details to allow […]

After years of backlash, the TSA removed the controversial screening machines that had the capability of revealing too much in their images. They weren’t scrapped entirely. They are now being transferred to state and local prisons across the country. So far, 154 of the machines have been transferred to prisons in states including Iowa, Virginia and Louisiana. It’s a good fit because privacy concerns raised by airport passengers do not apply in many cases to prisoners, according to TSA. Arkansas received five of the scanners in early May for use by local sheriffs as well, […]

Last month, the TSA began the task of removing the dangerous backscatter machines from airports. They never worked 100% and numerous health issues surrounded them. Now, however, instead of leaving them to sit and rot in a warehouse, never to be used again, the TSA is actively shopping the machines. They could end up in federal buildings across the nation where tourists and employees would be subjected to them. “We are working with other government agencies to find homes for them,” Transportation Security Administration spokesman David Castelveter said. “There is an interest clearly by DoD […]

Just who are the TSA protecting and how far do their intimidation tactics go? That is what two journalists attempt to find out.

Many are cheering the fact that the TSA has begun moving backscatter scanners from major airports around the country, but it isn’t all good news. These scanners are being moved to smaller airports and aren’t being mothballed as most had hoped. The larger airports are also getting the millimeter wave scanners, leading some to believe that the TSA is preparing to admit that the backscatter scanners are, indeed, dangerous. Millimeter wave scanners have a significantly lower radiation risk and do not have naked picture representations of passengers. The backscatters, as the X-ray scanners are known, […]

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