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Saudi Arabia blocks Facebook

Earlier today, Saudi Arabia blocked Facebook over moral concerns. An official with Saudi Arabia’s communications authority says it has blocked Facebook because the popular social networking website doesn’t conform with the kingdom’s conservative values. The official says Saudi’s Communications and Information Technology Commission blocked the site Saturday and an error message shows up when Internet users try to access it. He says Facebook’s content had “crossed a line” with the kingdom’s conservative morals, but that blocking the site is a temporary measure. Although the ban was temporary, it still raises concerns that anyone who questions […]

A new program allows users in countries that practice censorship and other types of crackdowns on dissidents, to download stories from blocked sites and read them. Using digital steganography, Collage can hide up to fifteen articles in seven medium sized photos. Once the material is embedded in a Flickr image, anyone with Collage can download it and extract the stories. A censor attempting to monitor traffic from a prohibited site would only see the reader visiting Flickr, which is not generally blocked by web censors. Collage can also be easily extended so that stories are […]

CCTV Fashion

I’ve come across this picture a few times in the past week.  It originally comes from flickr and you can find it here.

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