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Tuscon police department have begun using a new automated fingerprint identification device on the streets. If the police stop you on the streets and you don’t have ID on you, they’re going to take your fingerprints on the spot. Though the police department doesn’t explain why, undercover units are also getting the devices. The police have not said how long they will keep a person’s fingerprints in their own database or what the collection and disposal process will be. MorphoIdent‘s brochure says that, “All data is transferred via Bluetooth™ 2.0 or USB to a PC […]

Professor Margaret Hu’s important new article, “Biometric ID Cybersurveillance” (Indiana Law Journal), carefully and chillingly lays out federal and state government’s increasing use of biometrics for identification and other purposes. These efforts are poised to lead to a national biometric ID with centralized databases of our iris, face, and fingerprints. Such multimodal biometric IDs ostensibly provide greater security from fraud than our current de facto identifier, the social security number. As Professor Hu lays out, biometrics are, and soon will be, gatekeepers to the right to vote, work, fly, drive, and cross into our borders. […]

CNN‘s Richard Quest takes a look at new technology that could make airport security checkpoints safer and faster. The MorphoPass system aims to get everyone through security quicker, while providing high quality, realistic security. The MorphoPass claims that it will make security lines faster with an all in one system. You swipe your hand, which checks your fingerprints as well as chemical residue. Then, you walk up to a machine that checks for homemade explosives as well as all the usual things a metal detector checks for. Safran, the company behind the technology expects to […]

It has been said many times that using biometric scanners as your only means of security is doomed to fail. They have been beaten before and, now, Brazilian doctors have devised a way to bypass biometric scanners using fake fingers. Thaune Nunes Ferreira, a doctor at the hospital in the town of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, greater São Paulo, was arrested with six fake fingers with the fingerprints of six other people. She is accused of using prosthetic fingers to fool the biometric employee attendance device. The town’s mayor, Acir Fillo, has also asked five employees […]

As another school year begins, many districts are seeing a push towards the use of biometrics to track students throughout their school day. Despite the fact that these systems can easily be thwarted, school administrations believe that biometric tracking will only be a benefit to the school district and not invasions of privacy. Read the rest of my post at The Daily Censored.

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