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Social media consultant Sarah Milston, who runs The Spark Mill, said the new changes with Facebook Messenger will affect users starting this week. Milston said she has already received calls from clients and explained that those who choose to download the app are giving Facebook the right to access their cameras and microphones. The app will also be able to access your contact list, and see your phone call log including who you called and how long the call lasted. Downloading the app also gives permission for Facebook to send photos back and forth. Milston […]

This is not a new problem. It’s nearly two years old, but people really haven’t figured it out yet and still keep giving Facebook money for ads. Several small businesses have weighed in with their opinion on reddit.

Over on reddit, there’s a post to the picture below about how Facebook wants access to text messages, email, and other things on a person’s cell phone. Although it cannot be verified, someone who claims they work with the Facebook Android app gave this response. I work at Facebook, more specifically, I’ve spend a considerable chunk of my time working on our Android app and the Android permissions we request. (I also worked on that same problem before I joined Facebook) The description that includes the words “send emails … without owners’s knowledge” comes from […]

As I read a story on Slashdot about Facebook removing the ability to download your posts, I came across this bit of information from user bobbied that I hadn’t pondered before, yet needs more attention. An excellent reason to NOT post personal information on ANY site, your data becomes another’s property. Sites like Facebook collect an astounding amount of information from your activity, more than you likely suspect. I know of multiple births which where announced on Facebook. Birth announcements only gave the full name and date of the birth but one could deduce a […]

Facebook is building a $1.5 billion data center in Altoona, Iowa. The new facility will be 1.4 million square feet in size. If you wonder why you should be worried about such things, please take the time to read Privacy as Currency.

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