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Edward Snowden participated in his first public debate on encryption on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria debated Snowden on the issue. Zakaria, in New York, defended the government’s right to access any and all encrypted messages and devices as long as there’s court approval. Snowden, speaking over a live video-link from Moscow, argued the security of the Internet is more important than the convenience of law enforcement. The debate was organized by NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service and the Century Foundation. The Intercept has more information and the full video is available […]

The US Senate has published a draft law to force tech companies to show encrypted messages to security services. The Compliance with Court Orders Act would force companies to hand over what is called “intelligible” or non-encrypted data, if they receive a court order. It follows decisions by Apple and Whatsapp take a stand on encryption. Apple has been locked in a battle with the FBI over its refusal to unlock its iPhone. And Facebook recently announced all messages on its messaging app, Whatsapp are now encrypted. Is the right to keep our online information […]

Threatpost Editor in Chief Mike Mimoso talks to crypto pioneer and security expert Bruce Schneier of Resilient Systems about the early days of the RSA Conference, the integration of privacy and security, and the current FBI-Apple debate over encryption and surveillance.

Along with this video, here is a text version of how to use gpg4usb for windows.

Sending secure messages

Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across several articles that try to help people with sending encrypting messages. These are two that I have found. How to send encrypted messages This is a simple guide to get you started communicating securely with everyone you know. My goal is to have someone who is currently unfamiliar with the process of encryption be comfortable enough to communicate securely with anyone they want to. Just remember that gmail saves whatever you’ve typed in every 30 seconds, so if you’re going to send an email via gmail, type […]

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