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The Problem with E-Verify

“If E-Verify becomes mandatory, the result will be that you will essentially have to get cleared with a government right-to-work list before you can start a job. And that’s a huge change,” argues Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for privacy issues at the American Civil Liberties Union. E-Verify, a government-operated database of everyone legally permitted to work in the United States, is currently used by hundreds of thousands of employers to check the status of their workers. Yet a national identification system has no precedent in the United States. Can E-Verify certify work status for immigrants […]

Earlier this week, Presidental hopeful, Mitt Romney, spoke at a town hall meeting in Iowa that he supports an expansion of the controversial E-Verify program for employment. Currently, the program checks the legal status of new employees, but Romney would push it further. Mitt Romney backed a national ID system and government pre-approval of all new hires in the country. It’s a stunning amount of power he wants the federal government to have. You’ve got to crack down on employers that hire people that are illegal, and that means you have to have a system […]

When E-Verify was first introduced, I said that it would not help in discovering illegal immigrants. Turns out I’m right again and the government didn’t think their plan through. The government is now thinking of using the credit agency Equifax to help shore up the E-Verify program in an attempt to salvage what’s left of the program. The plan by the Department of Homeland Security, which is still preliminary and would probably require congressional approval, could have far-reaching consequences. The government already allows employers to check the legal status of employees using a system known […]

E-Verify’s poor results

E-Verify is the government’s program that is meant to catch illegal immigrants in the workforce. The problem is that it only detects 54% of illegals. The program is not working as designed or planned as it lets half the immigrants screened pass as legal workers. Tens of thousands of US companies use the ineffective E-Verify in the United States as a means of complying with US law. The Internet-based program checks information provided by new hires against Social Security Administration and Homeland Security databases to confirm they are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents of […]

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