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eMotionButterflies are ultra-light robots that flutter on uncanny flapping wings and incorporate a system of ten infrared cameras into a guided and monitored “intelligent networking system” that allows them to behave like a real-life flock. “The eMotionButterflies impress with an intelligently employed mechanical system and the smallest possible power units in the tightest space,” Festo writes on their site. “The reduced use of materials enables the true-to-nature flying behaviour.” The bionic bugs aren’t the only animal-inspired robots Festo is launching, either. Yesterday’s unveiling also included a pack of highly-organized robotic ants, BionicANTs, and the FlexShapeGripper, […]

After several community meetings, a San Jose city commission has decided to endorse use of a police drone. The pilot project still needs approval from the city council, but this marks an important step for police in getting the public to buy in. More.

Reports of drone sightings near other planes, helicopters and airfields are reaching the government almost daily, say federal and industry officials. The FAA requires that drone and model aircraft operators keep flights to under 400 feet in altitude, keep the aircraft within sight of the operator and stay at least 5 miles away from an airport. Small drones are often indistinguishable from model aircraft, which have grown in sophistication. Commercial operators and government officials from police to research scientists must obtain FAA certificates of authorization to fly drones. Exceptions are made for some government drones […]

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