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When privacy advocates thought they had won in Texas in defeating the need for all 10 fingerprints for a driver’s license, the Department of Public Safety stepped in to pledge they will work towards restoring the requirement. The Senate Transportation Committee had passed a bill in March that prohibited the DPS from the procedure, after Sen. Charles Schwertner, R- Georgetown argued that it was an invasion of privacy. As a results, DPS returned to the old standard – a single index finger. This week, DPS Director Steven McCraw told the Texas Public Safety Commission that […]

More at CNN. Meanwhile, Illinois governor Pat Quinn just sign a law allowing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Nebraska governor, Dave Heineman, is holding to his promise that he will not allow young immigrants brought to this country illegally to obtain driver’s licenses despite the fact that the federal government have issued them work permits. As of last week, the state had rejected license applications from eight immigrants who qualified under the federal program, said Bev Neth, director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. The license rejections have riled immigration lawyers, who called the state’s policy discriminatory. “It seems pretty clear in our statutes that anyone who has a work permit issued […]

REAL-ID has been a nothing but a headache for Nevada. Everyone, including lawmakers, hated it. Today, lawmakers said that it will no longer be mandatory. High-security drivers licenses will soon be an option for Nevada drivers. That’s the word from Department of Motor Vehicles Director Edgar Roberts, who told a Legislative panel Monday the controversial “Real ID” program will no longer be mandatory. In January, Governor Jim Gibbons made the program mandatory in Nevada by executive order. But the high-security licenses have caused long lines at DMV offices, and sparked criticism from opponents who say […]

Two months ago, REAL-ID went into effect in Florida and many residents are having problems proving their identities to obtain the new driver’s licenses. Florida is one of the few states complying with the law as many states have said that REAL-ID is too expensive to implement and the federal government has extended the deadline several times. Read the rest of my latest article at The Daily Censored.

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