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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will remain in a London prison until a British court takes up a Swedish request for extradition for questioning on sexual crime allegations. An international group of former intelligence officers and ex-government officials have released a statement in support of Assange. We speak to one of the signatories, Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers about the Vietnam War in 1971. “If I released the Pentagon Papers today, the same rhetoric and the same calls would be made about me,” Ellsberg says. “I would be called not only […]

Carl Bernstein believes that Julian Assange is doing the right thing. This video covers several different aspects of the Wikileaks story. If you have read even a portion of the Wikileaks cables, none of it isn’t anything we didn’t know or didn’t suspect and there is nothing that should surprise anyone. Most of the information is low classified information. In the future, there will be many people getting rich off of books written based on this information. It appears everyone, except the media, knows where Julian Assange is located. Assange has volunteered to come in, […]

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