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Despite the fact that gays have served in militaries all over the world for centuries, including the American military, conservatives can’t get past the fact that there is more to being homosexual than just the sex part. This type of behavior angers me to the point of violence against those that are so completely ignorant on the matter. I will, however, refrain from any violence and display their hatred and bigotry instead. Here are some examples of what they are saying via Irish Central because I don’t want to give the Free Republic any hits on its website.

“Absolutely NO room for Fag’s in foxholes! One of them might be allowed to give perverted blood in an emergency or worse.”

Yes, because gays don’t normally give blood anywhere else in the world. This reminds me of an episode of MASH where the soldier didn’t want any black blood because he might turn black.  You can’t catch “the gay” any more than you can catch “the black” you fucking morons.

“It is truly a revolting experience when a homo-sexual makes overtures towards me. If murder was legal, there would be a few more dead homosexuals.”

Well isn’t that nice of you. I had lesbians ask me out on dates when I was in college. I never felt the urge to kill one of them. I just politely told them no thanks.

“This is the darkest day in our history. This is truly a disaster. My heart goes out to the service men who will defend themselves from gang rape and go to prison for doing so. Fragging will be known as “fagging” . These sick perverts should be in jail not in the barracks. I am so sad for America. It will not be pretty.”

Again, these people can’t get past the idea of gay sex. They think that all homosexuals just run around all day wanting to have sex with whatever they can find, even if it’s rape.

“I currently belong to an athletic club, and have had issues with dykes in there in the locker room: brushing against me for no damn good reason because there’s more than enough room to pass, checking me out in very obvious ways, one pretending to be texting but I THINK was taking my pic (fully clothed thank God) by the way she was holding her phone etc. I hesitated in sharing the above because it is quite personal but for some reason decided it should be shared. Now I’m picturing this kind of stuff being foisted on our military members against their will and I want to vomit like there’s no tomorrow.”

This is one of the most idiotic things anyone has ever written. First, stop calling lesbians dykes. Fag and dyke belong in the same pit as nigger, spic, and raghead. Stop using hateful words. Second, you have an overactive imagination. No one’s brushing up against you on purpose or taking your picture. Get over yourself already.

On a bad note, gays will promote gays. On a good note, at least they are more competent and intelligent than what happened with the minority affirmative action programs. The same programs the RATS foisted upon the military than accused the military of hiring morons.

So much ignorance in one comment. This person assumes gays will be given special treatment by other gays because they can’t possibly be objective when it comes to who deserves promotion and manages to call all minorities ignorant and incompetent.

They should put all the queers in the same unit, send them to the fiercest fighting, repeat until the unit is totally straightened out, so to speak.

One of the objectives of basic training is to reduce individual identity and replace it with a sense of group cohesion & interdependence. Open homosexuality is an anathema to that – its narcissism pure & simple.

I think you don’t know what narcissism means.  If all homosexuals hated the idea of unit cohesion they wouldn’t join the military.

It is so easy to discredit homosexual lifestyle since people in it are disease ridden and also very predatory especially you teenage boys( Just look at Europe with more and more countries lowering the age of consent)..

Oh for fuck’s sake. Gay does not equal pedophile. Also, the Vatican has the lowest age of consent in Europe.

The perverts are sodomizing the country and the military. ABout 1% of the population now has access to the object of their deviant obsession. This is far more disgusting then young women being forced to cohabitate with men—at least the attractions are normal.

Please return to the 16th century.

IMO, the difference is that a homosexual can now proposition soldiers openly and have sex openly and not be drummed out of the service. This is an awlful example of a small minority feeling very comfortable with the obamanation in power. The people will likely serve in office support type jobs. I cannot imagine someone who flagrantly violates ethical and human (vs animal) standards throwing him/herself on a granade for others….too messy.

You’re an ignorant jerk. There have and always will be honorable men and women willing to protect their fellow soldiers. It doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight.

Already lost one potential recruit in this family. Eight years away, but was even now participating in Young Marines.

Good. There’s no room for bigots in the military.

If the leadership of the military services can not stand up for what is right, I have lost all respect for them. Sorry the good people serving now get caught up in this. We really are third world now, maybe worse.

That’s what you don’t get. They are standing up for what’s right. If you have ever been to a third world country, you’d never have made that comment.

One way to deal with this is to make the environment very inhospitable to open homosexuals so they themselves would want / demand to go back to DADT “compromise,”

For instance, starting to bring charges of sexual harassment against open homosexuals or discrimination when they are up for promotion would very quickly disincentivize open displays or conversations about homosexuality… essentially driving them back into the “closet” and getting back to “unofficial” DADT, making the eventual restoration of the DADT law not only possible but much more likely to be supported by many liberals and most gays who would like to serve.

Ah yes, this is such an honorable way to act as a member of the US military. I’m sure there won’t be any investigation into you and whether the charges are made up.

This will effectively decimate the U.S. Military. Honorable men will not want to live with sodomites who view them as easily-accessible prey.

Again. Gay does not equal sexual predator.

They should not be allowed in the military at all. Look. Our guys, when they are in the Armed Forces, can find themselves in some incredibly stressful situations. And now we are ready to tell them that in addition to the stress and strain of modern warfare, they have to worry if the person next to them wants to get close and personal?

I can guarantee you that if a group of men are under fire, the last thing anyone is thinking about is getting close and personal. They are thinking about how to get out of the situation and how to keep their buddies alive. Yet again, these people can’t seem to get past the idea that gays want sex 24/7.

I want an on going study of violence and attacks on straights. I want to know the number of sex acts in the open. I want this stopped.

Funny that I didn’t see you shouting for the same thing against women in the military. Many of them are afraid of their male counterparts.

Have we hit bottom yet?

Yes, you hit bottom a long time ago. You’re just openly flaunting your ignorance and bigotry now under the guise that it’s against your religion.

when the homosexuals contract the AIDS virus it will be paid for through the V.A.

I lost count of how many times this comment in its varied forms came up. Apparently, no member of the Free Republic has ever heard that straight men and women can contract AIDS as well.

So many people do not see that the REAL homosexual agenda is to have sex with children. The homosexuals are ultimately targeting children.

For the last time, gay does not equal pedophile.

These people do not seem to understand that, by giving gays the same rights as everyone else, we aren’t reducing anyone else’s rights. They’d rather we return to harassing the hell out of people like Alan Turing and pretending that homosexuals don’t exist at all.

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Yet more hypocritical speeches, this time from President Obama.

“As we mark the end of America’s combat mission in Iraq,” President Barack Obama said this week, “a grateful America must pay tribute to all who served there.” He should have added “unless you’re gay,” because, despite his rhetoric, weeks earlier the commander-in-chief fired one of those Iraq vets: Lt. Dan Choi. Choi is a West Point graduate, an Arabic linguist and an Iraq war veteran. He was fired under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. We talk to him about his life, his coming out and his military service.

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