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What has been known to those with common sense has now been verified by a internal report in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the state of Ohio only allows the taking of DNA if a person has been convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, however, a new bill in the state would change the law to expand DNA collection to anyone arrested regardless of guilt or innocence. Law enforcement currently supports the expansion, claiming that it will prevent future crimes, but others feel that collection DNA before a conviction presumes guilt and, therefore, crosses a line.  The bill also fails to address what would happen to the DNA should a person not be convicted. The American […]

If you oppose President Obama’s proposed indefinite detention, then head over to the ACLU’s website and send in your petition.  From their site: A debate over the fundamental character of our democracy is heating up: whether or not we can imprison people for an indefinite amount of time without charging them with a crime and without holding trial. We need everyone who believes in the Constitution and the American system of justice to let the President know that preserving our values and the rule of law is a top priority — before indefinite detention becomes […]

In the latest twist in hacking ATMs, hackers in Russia and Ukraine are using ATMs to obtain all the details necessary to clone a card and use it in criminal activity. It allows a gang member to walk up to an ATM, insert a “trigger” card, and use the machine’s receipt printer to produce a list of all the debit card numbers used that day, including their start and expiry dates – and their PINs. Everything needed, in fact, to clone those cards and start emptying bank accounts. In some cases, the malicious software even […]

The pentagon has plans to build a blimp that will fly for ten years, spying on everything.  It will be capable of detailed radar surveillance of vehicles, planes, and people. The 450-foot-long craft would give the U.S. military a better understanding of an adversary’s movements, habits and tactics, officials said. And the ability to constantly monitor small movements in a wide area — the Afghanistan- Pakistan border, for example — would dramatically improve military intelligence. It could also be used in the USA.  They just like to test things in the Middle East first.

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