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There is little logic in the continued build-up of military arsenals for small towns across the United States, yet it continues to happen. The police are appearing very like military personnel that, soon, regular Americans will no longer be able to tell the difference. The best part, at least as far as the police are concerned, is that there is little to no cost involved in gearing up. Over the last five years, the top 10 beneficiaries of this “Department of Defense Excess Property Program” included small agencies such as the Fairmount Police Department. It […]

The West Midlands and Surrey police departments, among others, are facing budget cuts, so the UK government is planning on privatizing parts of the police force to private contractors. Several UK cities, such as Lincolnshire, have already opted for privatization, while the West Midlands and Surrey have opened up bidding to do the same. You can read the rest of my latest article at The Daily Censored.

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boing boing has an interview with the pepper-spraying cop, John Pike. It’s quite interesting as well as appalling that this sort of behavior is allowed from so-called professionals. The Atlantic is also running an article in which the author actually feels bad for Pike. I find it hard to believe that anyone would try to defend Pike’s actions or the non-action of his fellow police officers. As of now, Pike has been placed on administrative leave. The actions of the university’s chancellor should also come under scrutiny.

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