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Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, requires that senior agency officials for privacy and civil liberties assess the privacy and civil liberties impacts of the activities their respective departments and agencies have undertaken to implement the Executive Order, and to publish their assessments annually in a report compiled by the DHS Privacy Office and Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

This is the first of the required annual reports. It includes the DHS Privacy Office’s and Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties’ assessments of certain DHS activities under Section 4 of the Executive Order (enhanced threat information sharing with the private sector) as well as assessments conducted independently by the Department of the Treasury and the Departments of Defense, Justice, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Transportation, and Energy, and by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the General Services Administration. April 2014. 152 pages.

Download (PDF, 5.53MB)

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Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom. The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it. “Your rights matter,” he say, “because you never know when you’re going to need them.” Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest Tim Berners-Lee.


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Whether Berning had a right to record O’Brien is not clear under state law, said Barry Butin, co-legal panel chairman of the Broward American Civil Liberties Union. But because it is clear that third parties can record video of police performing their duties, Berning “has a good chance of the law being on her side,” Butin said.


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Robin Speronis lives off the grid. She doesn’t have running water or electricity.

Inside you’ll find the basic necessities, but not all of them. No fridge, no oven, and no running water or electricity either. Robin lives off the grid.

She cooks her food on a propane camping stove. And gets her water from rain barrels. She uses a colloidal-silver generator to disinfect that rain water.

Most her food is non-perishable. And if Robin wants something tastier, she shops for dinner the day of. Most her electronics run on battery, which are charged up by these larger solar-powered batteries. Off the grid but still connected, Robin uses a special antenna to get free wifi.

In the bathroom, a camping shower does the trick.”This will heat up with 3 hours in the sun, but I’ll take a shower at any temperature is fine for me,” she says pointing to the crude contraption.

And when nature calls, she uses water from her rain barrel to fill the tank of the toilet and flush it as though she had running water.

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“Jailed Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is being relocated thousands of miles to a prison colony deep in Siberia, according to her husband Peter Verzilov. Tolokonnikova has been missing for 17 days, since she vanished into the Russian prison system to be transferred to an unknown camp. Verzilov says she is now en route to the city of Krasnoyarsk, 2,600 miles east of Moscow, in the heart of Siberia.

“It’s 100 percent that it’s Krasnoyarsk region,” Verzilov told Rolling Stone by phone, saying the information came from a source in Russia’s prison administration.”

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