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From Democracy Now: The American Civil Liberties Union has obtained documents revealing that the FBI and IRS may be reading emails and other electronic communications of U.S. citizens without obtaining a warrant. This comes just as reports have emerged that the Obama administration is considering approving an overhaul of government surveillance of the Internet. The New York Times reported the new rules would make it easier to wiretap users of web services such as instant messaging. “The FBI wants to be able to intercept every kind of possible communication,” says attorney Ben Wizner, director of […]

CISPA is NOT dead


It appears as if the government is determined to make Americans comfortable and familiar with the military working on US soil. Recently, there have been several cases of this happening, with the military stating that they are happy to help out and will be ready to help at political events this fall.. Under the guise of helping children and the elderly, the Nation Guard is performing health checks across the state of West Virginia. The National Guard is checking to make sure everyone is doing well. Since we’re currently in a state of emergency,  the […]

The Oxford City Council has proposed that CCTV be mandatory for all taxis and that every conversion be recorded. This is, presumably, for everyone’s safety. Such a blanket scheme would seem to breach the Information Commissioner’s code of practice on the issue. It says recording conversations is unlikely to be justified and that sound on CCTV should usually be turned off. It refers to recording in a cab occurring only if a panic button is pressed. Yet Oxford City Council does not believe it is flouting this code, saying the risk of intrusion is acceptable […]

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