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The Oxford City Council has proposed that CCTV be mandatory for all taxis and that every conversion be recorded. This is, presumably, for everyone’s safety. Such a blanket scheme would seem to breach the Information Commissioner’s code of practice on the issue. It says recording conversations is unlikely to be justified and that sound on CCTV should usually be turned off. It refers to recording in a cab occurring only if a panic button is pressed. Yet Oxford City Council does not believe it is flouting this code, saying the risk of intrusion is acceptable […]

In Farmington Hills, Michigan intelligent lights will soon be keeping a watchful eye over its citizens. But is it really for entertainment and safety or a gross invasion of privacy? “In each lighting fixture or each lighting pole, there is processor very much like an iPhone. And it takes inputs and outputs and talks back and forth. And the poles actually talk to each other,” said Ron Harwood. When you step come into view of the street light, there is a camera that spots you, and the person on the other side sees you by […]

Starting next month, an Australian shopping center will begin tracking customers in their malls, a move that has prompted privacy concerns and an investigation. One unnamed Queensland shopping centre is next month due to become the first in the nation to fit receivers that detect unique mobile phone radio frequency codes to pinpoint location within two metres. Path Intelligence national sales manager Kerry Baddeley stressed that no mobile phone user names or numbers could be accessed. “All we do is log the movement of a phone around an area and aggregate this to provide trend […]

The city of Atlanta, Georgia is home to the Video Integration Center, allowing city police to monitor over a hundred public and private CCTV cameras. This isn’t enough, however, for the police. They want more monitoring. Talks are underway to link up with more cameras at CNN Center, Georgia State University, the Georgia World Congress Center and MARTA, along with cameras in Buckhead. Officials say hundreds or thousands more private-sector cameras will eventually feed into the center. “This is just the beginning,” said Dave Wilkinson, president of the Atlanta Police Foundation, which helped raise money […]

CCTV has always been touted as a crime prevention tool. Privacy advocates have long argued that they don’t work as prevention tools. They are only good after the fact to, possibly, search and find the guilty party. It doesn’t stop crimes. This argument has been glaringly clear over the past few days in London. From Big Brother Watch: 1) Not one aspect of our ubiquitous surveillance network, erected to watch all of us all the time, just in case, has done anything to protect Londoners in this, our hour of greatest need; and 2) In an environment […]

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