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Besides violating her lease, in New York State, you cannot monitor any security cameras unless you take a safety course by the state and are certified to do so. If she hasn’t don’t this, then she is also in violation of the law. If these cameras were inside her apartment or house, then she would be well within the law. They aren’t. They are on the property of a building that belongs to someone else. Source.

In the past year, there has been a rapid rise in how the government intends on tracking every movement you make, whether it’s online or outside in the general public. Many do not know, or understand, just how much tracking is done to individuals. It’s increasing and it may already be too late to stop it. CCTV and license plate trackers are now commonplace in many cities in the United States. Most are unregulated and they collect millions of license plates every year, storing them in databases that can track and analyze a car’s movements […]

A simple glance at the main Olympic Park in East London confirms this will be the most security-conscious Games in history: More than 11 miles of razor-wire-topped electric fencing separates the site from its surroundings, every entrance is guarded by soldiers and the surrounding streets and shopping malls are patrolled by police carrying 9mm semi-automatic weapons – an unusual sight in Britain, where armed patrols are normally found only at airports. On the busiest days, 12,500 police officers will be on duty while 12,200 soldiers will carry out the venue security searches assisted by at […]


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