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Bruce Schneier, Harvard Berkman Center Fellow, talks with Edward Snowden about government surveillance and the effectiveness of privacy tools like encryption to an audience at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This conversation kicks off the annual symposium on the future of computation in science and engineering hosted by the IACS- Harvard’s Institute for Applied Computational Science.

The Boston Globe also covered the event.

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Cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, author of dozens of books on computer and real-world security, was tapped by The Guardian to help the newspaper decode the NSA documents disclosed by Edward Snowden.

We met with him in Cambridge, Massachusetts to talk about the risks of widespread digital surveillance, the problem with thinking about those risks, and the ways that the public can demand change.

More at Motherboard.

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Briefing on the Technological Impact of NSA Surveillance

In light of recent revelations of the government’s surveillance practices, the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute will hold a briefing on Capitol Hill on the impact of that surveillance on users, national security, and the private sector. The briefing provided insight into how the technology and regulatory environment has led to the current situation and the ramifications of that surveillance on society and governance overall, while also considering the challenges confronting the Obama Administration’s external Review Group. Beyond the well-known issues over civil rights, this will be an important presentation on the technological implications of surveillance, and the dangers policy makers need to consider as they look to reform the government’s practices.


Opening Remarks
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose, Calif.)
Member, House Judiciary Committee
Member, House Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Sascha Meinrath
Director, Open Technology Institute and Vice President, New America Foundation

Bruce Schneier
Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard
Author, Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust Society Needs to Survive

More at Ars Technica.


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Bruce Schneier gives us a glimpse of the future of the internet, and shares some of the context we should keep in mind, and the insights we need to understand, as we prepare for it. Learn more about Bruce Schneier and TEDxCambridge.


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