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Facial recognition software has come a long way in the past few years. While early face recognition software needed human input at every step, it’s advanced enough today that it can compare a single face against millions of faces on record in just a few seconds. Source.

Ralph Lauren is the first luxury lifestyle brand to offer apparel that tracks and streams real-time workout data directly to your smartphone or tablet. From Wired UK: The shirt has biosensing silver fibres woven into its core and it can therefore be used to track distance, calories burned, movement intensity, heart rate and stress rate in real time. The moisture-wicking compression fabric apparently also increases blood circulation and aids muscle recovery — although this is the aim of much existing athletic garb. The shirts have been created with the help of Canadian tech company OMsignal. […]

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Tesco has decided to install face tracking technology that will scan shoppers’ faces and then display video advertising to them at all its petrol/gas stations. Amscreen‘s face tracking technology claims it will revolutionize the advertising industry. The system, known as OptimEyes, determines the customers’ age and gender while they wait in line at the cash register. The new platform is making waves in the advertising industry, as it can track and report on consumers advertising viewing habits, providing a breakdown of the gender, age, date, time and volume of the consumers who look at the […]

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