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The leaked promotional video from INDECT indicates that the EU has plans for massive data mining while ignoring privacy issues. Watermarking of published digital works such as film, audio, or other documents is discussed in the Project INDECT remit; its purpose is to integrate and track this information, its movement within the system and across the Internet. The simplified example of the system in operation shows a file of documents with a visible INDECT-titled cover stolen from an office and exchanged in a car park. How the police are alerted to the document theft is […]

An expansion is currently underway that will develop the FBI’s current fingerprint collection database into a new biometrics system that includes DNA, facial recognition, palm prints and voice scans. The plan is to share this data with authorized U.S. and international investigative partners, as the agency does today. The FBI’s current IAFIS database remains a workhorse; it processes about 200,000 daily transactions from its 370 million 10-fingerprint records, and it just crossed the 250 million transaction mark The next-generation FBI database system is under design by Lockheed Martin, with MorphoTrak and others, and is expected […]

The UK’s Home Office has already started a reciprocal exchange program with Canada and Australia in which fingerprint data of  asylum seekers, foreign criminals, and migrant workers are used to investigate those who are under suspicion by the UK government.  The US and New Zealand are expected to join soon. “This new agreement will help us identify and remove individuals whose identities were previously unknown but also improve public safety through better detection of lawbreakers and those coming to the UK for no good,” UK Border Agency deputy chief executive Jonathan Sedgwick said in a […]

A team of researchers at the University of Southampton, UK has received funding to determine whether or not the human ear can be used like fingerprints and retinas as a biometric identifier.  The scientists intend on generating sounds by using the otoacoustic emissions, the ear-generated sounds that emanate from within the spiral-shaped cochlea in the inner ear, and then determine if those sounds can be used as a viable biometric technology. Typically, sounds entering the ear cause these outer hair cells to vibrate, and these vibrations are converted to electrical signals which are transmitted along […]

Under a new agreement, the EU is set to receive biometric passports that will include fingerprints and photos despite security experts and privacy advocates arguments that the passports are technically flawed.  This new policy will take effect on June 29, 2009. Many civil liberties groups oppose the use of fingerprints for technical as well as philosophical reasons. Philosophically, they are opposed to the creation of a computer database containing so much personal information about innocent citizens. Technically, they argue that biometric passports are only as safe as the existing paper documents they will replace, and […]

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