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Researchers at Cornell University have created an AI system based on the Kinect that can watch everything that is going on in a home. What they have done is to take a standard Kinect with the open source drivers and the PrimeSense Nite software and created a program that can tell what you are doing. The Kinect mounted on a roaming robot or perhaps one in every room can monitor what you are doing – cleaning your teeth, cooking, writing on a whiteboard (the designer are academics after all) and so on. At a less […]

While you’re enjoying this video of a drunk British man, think about the fact that cameras are so ubiquitous in The United Kingdom that this is an every day occurrence. The cameras can easily watch anyone where ever they go.

Library And then´╗┐ they passed the Patriot Act, and this became real. Replace this young, white male with anyone of Middle Eastern descent and watch how many people start to agree with what the librarian and the mystery men. You can also replace library with search engine. Diner Everyone complains about the tax man. We all know it’s all talk. No one is willing to go up against the tax man. Of course, certain comments made anywhere can get you followed today. Church Replace these nice Christian folks with any other religion and suddenly, people […]

Japanese researchers are testing new television set in which the TV will be able to watch you and detect future shows and advertisements that you might want to see. TAN (user technology assisted navigation) TV viewing interface as it is called, has a camera mounted on the TV which photographs the viewer and estimates the viewer’s degrees of interest, concentration, etc from circumstances such as who is watching the TV with how much interest. The information is processed by a tablet PC and recommended information is shown to the viewer, it is possible to show […]

Many people protested that the TSA should force themselves into soft spots. They are unnecessary, but since the US has killed Osama bin Laden, it’s being used as an excuse to scare people. The claim is that since bin Laden is dead, there will be more attacks on the US in smaller targets. It’s ridiculous, but, if the government hammers this message to the people long enough, they’ll start to believe it. The media need to stop comparing these types of things to how things are done in Israel. The security procedures in Israel do […]

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