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Auto loans to borrowers considered subprime, those with credit scores at or below 640, have spiked in the last five years. The jump has been driven in large part by the demand among investors for securities backed by the loans, which offer high returns at a time of low interest rates. Roughly 25 percent of all new auto loans made last year were subprime, and the volume of subprime auto loans reached more than $145 billion in the first three months of this year. But before they can drive off the lot, many subprime borrowers […]

Far too many people in this video and in the comments are happy to allow the school systems to spy on what their kids are doing online. Educating children about bullying and how to deal with it appropriately. No one needs to snoop in people’s private lives without their permission. Yes, bullying is a problem, especially online, but teach the children what to do when it happens and stop spying on every minute detail of their lives. More at CNN.

Political prankster Mark Dice asks San Diego beach-goers if they’ll sign a petition supporting “the Police State” which includes “Orwellian” and “Nazi-Style” tactics to “keep Americans safe” in this “Brave New World.” Although the video is amusing, it is cut and we don’t ever see the full, unedited version. Source.

The group Oath Keepers has placed a pro-Snowden sign at the DC Metro station stop closest to the White House. The sign is intended to expose the NSA’s spying on Americans. Last month, they placed a similar billboard near at the Pentagon stop depicting Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in the Big Brother role. The ultimate goal of these signs is to encourage more whistleblowers to come forward. Picture source.

In a unanimous decision, the Oakland City Council accepted a $2 million federal grant that will create a Domain Awareness Center (DAC) that will watch the city around the clock. At the May 2013 meeting, the Port of Oakland detailed the system. On page 12, was the following slide. the system would combine not only existing surveillance cameras and thermal imaging devices at the Port of Oakland, but also the Oakland Police Department’s license plate readers, ShotSpotter gunshot detection devices, CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras at Oakland city schools, and dozens of other cameras from regional […]

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