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From Keep the Web Open: On March 7, 2012, the top Obama Administration trade official – US Trade Representative Ron Kirk – testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the disturbing, Internet-threatening work USTR is doing with the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Get the full hearing documents and testimony here. You can read more about ACTA and TPP here and on Ars Technica.

ACTA expert and canadian law professor Michael Geist at the European Parliament’s workshop on ACTA 01.03.2012 His full report can be found here. “This report concludes that ACTA’s harm greatly exceeds its potential benefits. Given ACTA’s corrosive effect on transparency in international negotiations, the damage to international intellectual property institutions, the exclusion of the majority of the developing world from the ambit of the agreement, the potentially dangerous substantive provisions, and the uncertain benefits in countering counterfeiting, there are ample reasons for the public and politicians to reject the agreement in its current form. In […]

I’ve written before about many European countries taking a stand against ACTA. Today, four more countries join in opposition of passing the controversial trade agreement. Austria, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands have stood up and agreed that ACTA needs to be seriously rethought and possibly scrapped altogether. Two million people are already supporting an online petition against the international anti-piracy agreement. It would undermine the privacy, Internet service providers should provide the authorities of private data from users. “People are confused,” Interior Minister recognizes Johanna Mikl-Leitner (VP), the sign of the times and today announced over […]

In the past few days, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania have joined other European countries in halting the controversial ACTA treaty. The Economist and the Financial times are now saying that ACTA is as good as dead. Germany has announce that it is holding off on signing ACTA until the EU Parliament has decided on ACTA. Some believe it’s just a ploy by Germany to appease protesters and that, once the protests die down, they will sign it. Latvia’s Economy Minister, Daniels Pavluts, has said he will stop ratification of ACTA. Pavļuts is set to ask […]

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