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Starting in 2014, 500 Minneapolis police may wear body cameras, with 25 officers testing the cameras out immediately. Over the past five years, the police department has had to pay out $8 million in lawsuits over police misconduct.

More information is needed as to how the cameras would be used. Who would be in charge of maintaining the cameras? Will the police officers have the power to turn the cameras on and off? After the news conference, the police chief said that the department is nowhere near testing or if the police chief even wants it.

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From USA Today:

PIERRE, S.D. — The police chief here is defending an officer’s use of an electroshock weapon against an 8-year-old girl threatening to harm herself.

Parents of the child, who was with a babysitter at the time, want the officer disciplined for using excessive force.

Police Chief Bob Grandpre said three officers responded Friday night to a report of a suicidal 8-year-old girl who had stabbed herself in the leg. She was holding a 4½-inch knife to her chest when officers arrived, and she refused to put it down.”


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From 2010:

For 17 months, New York police officer Adrian Schoolcraft recorded himself and his fellow officers on the job, including their supervisors ordering them to do all sorts of things that police aren’t supposed to do. For example, downgrading real crimes into lesser ones, so they wouldn’t show up in the crime statistics and make their precinct look bad. Adrian’s story first appeared as a five part series in the Village Voice, written by Graham Rayman. (41 minutes)

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Despite the fact that everyone in On The Media’s producer Sarah Abdurrahman’s family were all US citizens and that once citizenship is established you are supposed to be free to enter the country, they were detained for six hours by US Customs and Border Patrol.

From Techdirt:

They were treated terribly, put in a cold room with no food or drinks, and no information on what was going on. CBP demanded they hand over their electronics, and made it clear they might not get them back. The thing is, this isn’t a unique situation. As the report notes, there’s almost no oversight over CBP actions, allowing them to act with impunity. In the report, the story is told of a 4-year-old girl, an American citizen, who was detained for 14 hours, in a cold room, without being allowed to speak to her parents and given no food beyond a cookie. And then she was deported. Even though she was a US citizen. She was allowed to come back weeks later, but now has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

She tried to find out information during the detainment, but was repeatedly told “it’s not your right to know.” She wasn’t even allowed to know the names of the CBP agents who detained them. When she asked, agents turned their backs to her so she couldn’t see their name tags. Multiple attempts at getting Homeland Security or CBP to respond to questions failed.

She also tells the story of some other wedding attendees who were similarly detained with incredibly obnoxious behavior from CBP agents. The first one they met was quizzing everyone in the car on their names, and the 3-year-old kid in the back cheerily volunteered his name and the CBP agent snapped at him. The agents initially promised that they wouldn’t search their phones, but then demanded that people unlock their phones, and even told them the phones would be confiscated and not returned. People complained that they needed their phones for work and were basically told too bad. Abdurrahman notes that three full cars of people from that one wedding all had their phones confiscated, and she notes that DHS claims only about 15 phones are confiscated each day by CBP, and wonders why everyone from one wedding appear to have nearly reached that quota.

Then there’s the really ridiculous part: one of the people detained went through mutliple invasive body searches, and then after five and half hours was suddenly handcuffed and locked up in a jail cell with no explanation at all. He asked the officers to let his family know what was going on, but they didn’t. Instead, they told his family to leave, and when they asked what happened, his family was told that “an agency” was coming to “pick him up,” without giving any more details — obviously leading to the worst assumptions. Instead, it turned out the guy had an unpaid ticket for a crooked license plate from 2006. CBP called the Michigan State Police to come “get him” over this — and, again, didn’t explain any of this to his family.

While a person can submit a complaint, there is little that will be done to resolve the situation. CBP claims broad authority and operates unto itself, above the law, terrorizing its own citizens.

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In a 6-1 vote, Police Chief Mark Kessler has been fired by the borough council of Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

The council accused Kessler of misusing borough property, neglecting his duties and failing to turn over weapons to the borough, his lawyer said.

Kessler believes he was fired solely for the videos he made. Kessler says that he intends on running for sheriff even if his termination is upheld.

You can see a sampling of the videos Kessler was producing below.

Here, Kessler rants about Secretary of State John Kerry and the UN. He calls Kerry a “piece of shit traitor,” and tells the UN that they’re a bunch of “cocksuckers.”

In this video he tells the council, “to go fuck yourselves,” and calls them “cocksuckers.”

After watching these videos, is there any doubt that this man should be nowhere near law enforcement?

For those who think this was a knee-jerk reaction, nearly two months of investigations have been conducted. Still, Kessler writes on his own website that the meeting to terminate him was a “kangaroo court,” indicating that he does not recognize the authority of those over him, nor does it appear that he understands the severity of the charges against him.

At the bottom of his website, Kessler has a statement pertaining to his situation, clearly indicating that he continues to see the world his way and will not try to see it the way the law sees it. All spelling and grammatical errors in the quotes are replicated exactly as on Kessler’s website.

Never mind that the “property” in question the Chief personally donated!

It does not matter who donated the property in question. Once it is donated, it is no longer their property. It is the property of the police department/city/company it was donated to. It is no longer Kessler’s property and he is not free to do with it what he wants simply because he donated the item.

The real reason he was suspended was because elites in Washington D.C. demanded his JOB for videos depicting the Chief exercising his First & second amendment right! although the Videos are spicy the Chief violated no policy, broke no law, because the chief stood his ground and said no more, no more will he stand idle and watch as his country crumbles, for this the Chief was selectively persecuted by elected elites who only want to instill their will onto  Americans despite what we the people say! so now  Gilberton,  officials sided with tyranny, abandoned the constitution &  folded like a deck of cards.

This entire statement reeks of being a conspiracy nut (whether you are or aren’t, it’s how you come across). He rants on about elites in Washington, his constitutional rights, and tyranny. What Kessler fails to understand is that this isn’t about his right to own guns or freedom of speech. This is about his inappropriate behavior for a person who has been elevated to a position of leadership. The people below you in your command, as well as the general public, need to be able to look up to those in leadership as well as trust them, in this case, with their lives. Kessler has demonstrated that he cannot perform these duties adequately and does not understand the impact he has on those around him and, rightly, was fired for his conduct.

as of 8/30/2013 The Chief was suspended indefinitely by Gilberton council!  The chief and his legal council are positive the borough will move for termination within the first week of September, Ironically  Senator Bob Casey (D), Pennsylvania, who’s law firm is representing Gilberton Borough, They along with Gilberton officials are seeking to destroy Chiefs lively hood, family, career & life because Chief exercised his First Amendment rights, His second amendment right in a Video, although the Chief used some choice colorful language (which is protected speech) he hurt NO ONE, Broke no policy!!   The Chief stood up for all of our rights even for those who oppose our constitution,  yes he used some spicy videos to do so!  (but he hurt no one!)  It’s time for all True Americans to Stand with Chief Kessler and say NO MORE

Again, if you want to make your point, make sure you have correct grammar and spelling and do not sound like a persecuted wacko. Kessler is not, but he is an immature man who has let the power of his position go to his head to the point that he believes he can do what he wants. If this is truly how he believes, would anyone who doesn’t think as Kessler honestly be treated fairly if Kessler were to ever pull them over? The vast majority would say no.

Yes, Kessler has all his constitutional rights. He’s free to speak against things that he doesn’t agree with, however, given his position in the community, there are far better ways to do this. Kessler chose to rant, poorly, on his own website and in YouTube videos about what he thinks is wrong with the country. Had he made better arguments, people might have listened. All these see now is a dangerous man who hates those who are different than him and uses a gun to make that point. His website, radio show, and YouTube videos only spew forth hate and that is not how anyone in America wants their police force to be represented.

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