Members of the Chaos Computer Club have been able to clone the digital security ID cards that some German airports use and then used them to access all airport areas [German] [English]. They used an RFID reader that cost less than €200 to scan a valid card. The scanner was then able to emulate the card.

Officials at the Hamburg airport admit that this is a vulnerability, but they are quick to point out that cards are not the only means of security at the airport. This, however, still does not address the problem. The system dates from 1992, which is definitely out of date, and was meant for access to low-risk places, such as schools and supermarkets, yet airport officials seem to not be taking the issue seriously.

Given that the cards allow persons to roam secure areas at the airport, they should be very concerned. The cards could allow a person to gain access to the cargo hold of an airplane. One could easily plant a bomb in that area with no one the wiser. hacked

It appears that has been hacked. A message at the website states that NetDevilz has hacked their site. Screenshot below.

AT&T is watching you

AT&T voluntarily spied on customers for the government when other companies refused to. They were complicit in illegal spying and got away with it. The warrantless wiretapping bill was passed, complete with immunity from civil litigation for AT&T.

Today, it’s legal for any telecommunications company to do this. Since AT&T is a first tier ISP, your internet traffic is likely to be routed through their servers at some point.

Here are some photos of AT&T that I found surfing the web.

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Uncut video footage shows how four police officers brutally beat a black suspect during a traffic stop. Patrolman, Jeffrey M. Asher, hit the suspect in the face with a flashlight. Another officer calls the suspect a nigger.

Patrolman Asher was suspended for six months without pay in 1997 when he was caught, on video, kicking a different black suspect, who had already been handcuffed, in the face. He was also involved in another incident in 2004 when police dragged another black man, who was in the early stages of a diabetic seizure, out of a car and beat him unconscious on the pavement despite the pleas of a witness who tried to tell the police what was wrong with the man.

It shows Jones being hit at least 15 times by one officer swinging a metal flashlight while two others wrestle with him on the hood of a police car. In the police report of the incident, one of the officers states the struggle ensued when Jones became violent and grabbed one of the officer’s gun and began to pull it.

Jones suffered fractures to the bones in his face that needed reconstructive surgery, according to his father, Melvin Jones Jr., who supplied the copy of the video to The Republican. His son also sustained a broken finger that required two pins and is now partially blind in one eye.

Jones, who, according to the police report was employed as a deli clerk at a supermarket in Holyoke, has pleaded innocent in District Court to charges resulting from his arrest. They include three felony counts of possession for marijuana, crack cocaine and Percocet, resisting arrest and malicious damage to a motor vehicle, a police car.

The police report states that the officers recovered 38 “rocks” of crack cocaine, 38 Percocet tablets and eight bags of marijuana. He is due back in court on Feb. 3, according to his public defender Jarod Olanoff.

Mr. Jones has been in trouble with the law before, however, the response from the police does not warrant the action taken. Mr. Jones’ past troubles should also not be an issue here. The issue is the unwarranted beat down of a man and the repeated civil rights violations by the police, particularly Patrolman Asher.

At the time of the incident, Mr. Jones was a passenger in the car. The car was pulled over for a dragging muffler. The driver was guilty of driving with a suspended license and told to find a licensed driver to take her home. She was not arrested. The only suspicion the police had of Jones was that he was “acting unusually.”

Even if he is found guilty, that is a decision for the courts. It’s not a decision that the police can make on the spot where they can then say a beat down is needed. The police in this matter are just as guilty as Mr. Jones.

Uncut video: Arrest of Melvin Jones III, November 27, 2009

Guilty until proven innocent. That’s how Americans now view any male that looks at a photo of a little child. Considering that, not long ago, Americans realized how cute these things were, companies created ads to play on the “aww isn’t that cute” factor, it’s kind of sad that we now see pedophiles and pedophilia everywhere we turn.


The child is a relative whom the family says Billy treated as his own child when the girl was diagnosed with cancer as her father went through boot camp. Her father told us he can’t believe the charges, especially since they’re on other family computers and on Facebook pages and no one else has been investigated.

Considering the fact that I was born naked, I suppose my mother, the doctor, and all the nurses in the delivery room should be arrested now. Sound stupid? Yeah, it is. So are prosecutions such as this one.

reddit has a pretty good discussion going on about how prudish Americans have become. The comments there sum up pretty well how far we have fallen.

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