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From the Brennan Center for Justice:

NSA Americans Data

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Private Eye editor Ian Hislop tells Channel 4 News that a state- regulated press would be a slippery slope to politicians saying what is printed in a newspaper.


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Disconnect Search is an extension for your browser that allows you to search the internet via Google, Bing or Yahoo without leaving any identifiable information about you, including IP address. It also has the ability to encrypt your searches so that your ISP cannot log the information.


Disconnect Search is currently available on Chrome and Firefox We are working hard on versions for Opera and Internet Explorer and will have them out soon. Unfortunately, Safari does not support the type of proxy we need to run Disconnect Search so unless Apple changes their policy on this issue, we will not be able to offer Disconnect Search on Safari.


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Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a messaging app, known as SafeSlinger, that no one, including the NSA, can crack.

With SafeSlinger, a user can establish secure communications directly with trusted individuals and groups in ten seconds, with nothing more than the smartphone in their hand.

SafeSlinger is free on iTunes and Google play.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed new treaty, being negotiated behind closed doors between twelve countries of the Pacific rim, that will limit countries’ freedom to make their own laws to protect consumers, Internet users, workers and the environment.

For information about how the TPP will affect consumers’ rights, see Consumers International’s website. For its specific impacts on copyright and the Internet, see the Our Fair Deal coalition site.

The singer of the Japanese song, Emi, explains why she made the song:

The subject matter of the TPP is so complicated that people can’t easily understand how it effects them. To alert the people as soon as possible to the risks surrounding the TPP, I wrote lyrics that explain the TPP to everyone in simple terms, while singing happily! I want you to please use this song as one quick way to simply convey this message to a lot of people!

The collaborating musician, Citron178, is a composer of anime (Japanese animation) songs. This is especially appropriate given that the TPP ‘s copyright provisions could threaten anime fan subculture, which would interfere with the creation of homages such as fan art and cosplay (costume play). She writes:

In Japan, not much is known about the effects of the intellectual property chapter of the TPP, but it is likely to regulate the creation of fan fiction. So in order to send a message to geeks, who like to make secondary creative works like this, I had to make a song in the style of anime songs.

Original Japanese version.

Chilean musician Ana Tijoux has also created a song Spanish, called No to the TPP (No Al TPP) to explain why everyone should protest the TPP.

More at EFF, Why should I care about the TPP? and TPP, The biggest threat you’ve never heard of.

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