The TPP Coalition, the companies lobbying for terms to be added includes such game related companies as Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Time Warner and the MPAA. It talks about copyright term limit extensions, trade secrets, a DRM circumvention ban and the possibility of criminal prosecution for large scale infringment. That large scale infringement could occur without even considering piracy in the video game modding scene.


Volusia County, Florida Sheriff Ben Johnson is not happy that his military vehicles are being taken away.

Police in Florida are complaining that the Obama Administration is recalling military-style tanks that many have complained made American city streets look like foreign war zones during unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri last year.

Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said losing an M113 — an armored personnel carrier — will result in some of his officers going on “suicide missions,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Scrutiny of the program intensified after images from the unrest in Ferguson showed local police decked out in desert military camouflage, pointing assault weapons at unarmed civilians and rolling around in tanks. Many pointed out that the gear was not only further inflaming the situation, but that the police weren’t trained in how to properly use them.

After Ferguson, President Obama said the federal government would no longer provide military hardware like tanks and grenade launchers to police departments, NBC News reported. Police will have to submit to stringent federal oversight if they want less heavy-handed military gear.

From NBC News:

Historians are readying a new, annotated edition of the Nazi leader’s “Mein Kampf” which will be released in January. The Munich-based Institute of Contemporary History (IFZ) — a government-funded research institution — plans to publish it once the copyright to the text expires at the end of the year.

It will feature a total of 3,700 comments providing analysis on its content — which doubles the number of pages of the original version.

IFZ’s Christian Hartmann told NBC News Hitler’s “800-page book is in great parts anti-Semitic” and “full of allusions and assertions, which are difficult to understand in the 21st century,” which is why every sentence will be explained and critically evaluated in the upcoming edition.


When Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. government was running massive spying operations on its own people, the country was shocked. But few remember that the origins of America’s modern surveillance apparatus began more than 115 years ago, half a world away in the Philippines.

Today, we are still playing this century-old spy game. Despite changes in national agendas and leadership over the years, the U.S. government’s desire for total information control has remained the same but with one difference – it has become increasingly reliant on private companies to operate this surveillance complex.



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