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With Banned Books Week approaching, Reddit user AndiArch has created a fantastic list of banned/challenged books that everyone can enjoy. I reproduce the list below, so that parents can have a look at the books and start a discussion with their children. Toddler/Nursery School In the Night Kitchen, by Maurice Sendak; Reasons: nudity The Family Book, by Todd Parr; (Reasons: homosexuality, racially-mixed families) My Mom’s Having A Baby! A Kid’s Month-by-Month Guide to Pregnancy, by Dori Hillestad Butler; Reasons: nudity; sex education; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi; (Reasons: obscenity, […]

RT @eigensinn83: World #Occupy Inquirer is out! ▸ Top stories today via @AnonyMiss_ @Mercypolitics @LossofPrivacy # RT @PrivacyDigest: Chaos Computer Club, Others Scoff At German Email Security Move As "Marketing" Via @slashdot #CCC # RT @peterdaou: Don't read this John Grisham op-ed on the terrible injustices at Gitmo if you want a carefree Sunday morning… # RT @stuartmillar159: Impossible to read amazing ex Wyden staffer post on Obama's real attitude to open debate without jaw hitting floor htt… # RT @PrivacyDigest: J.C. Penney, Best Buy Customer Data Collection Stirs #Privacy Concerns […]

The Loss of Privacy Daily is out! # Carnegie Mellon study: real time videos of students on campus >1/3 identified from publicly available Facebook photos # RT @DianeRavitch: Rupert Murdoch Wins Contract to Develop Common Core Tests # RT @drones: UK animal welfare group unleashes drones to stop illegal hunting # RT @techdirt: Facebook Backs Away Quietly From Its #CISPA Support # RT @bbw1984: BBC News video report on our new private investigator report: #surveillance # RT @PrivacyDigest: #CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses […]

Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), talked about the state of the motion picture industry and the challenges presented by new and changing technologies. He was introduced by Angela Greiling Keane, President of the National Press Club. He warned about the regulation of content in movies and talked about mental health and its relation to gun violence. Other topics included the industry’s movie ratings system, intellectual property and copyright infringement, and the growth of the industry both in the U.S. and abroad. Watch the entire video, if you can. I saw […]

Though the US Senate was forced to debate the renewal of FISA in public, it still came away voting, by a 73-23 margin, to renew the controversial law while rejecting all of the privacy amendments that had been recommended. The rejected amendments were proposed by Senators Ron Wyden, Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley, and Patrick Leahy. Wyden’s, which was shot down 52-43, would have forced the National Security Agency to reveal an estimate of how many Americans are affected by FISA. The NSA has argued that the enforcement of this regulation would violate the privacy of […]

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