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While doing some research on another story, I came across the US government’s website for the new electronic passports’ FAQ.  Although factually accurate, many of the government’s answers led me to more questions and I decided to delve deeper into how my privacy will be affected under the new electronic passport system. The very first question in the FAQ explains what an electronic passport is, but it fails to explain the details in order for a person to fully understand it. An Electronic Passport is the same as a traditional passport with the addition of […]

According to Cnet, implanting people with RFID chips isn’t as lucrative, or popular, as we are led to believe.  Ever since VeriChip went public with their idea to implant humans, their stock has been struggling.  The chip, to be used for medical purposes, has attracted a mere 222 humans willing to be chipped. Three years ago, VeriChip began its ad campaign about how wonderful and useful it would be to be chipped.  Everyone from civil libertarians to my grandma balked at the idea, claiming that there were severe privacy issues at stake in such an […]

In the latest RFID news, IBM has announced that they are planning on inserting RFID chips into Italian scooters and diapers in order to track their movements.  IBM will implement this, most likely, via their new WebSphere RFID Information Center , a new software that allows multiple companies to log and share data from RFID tags. Honda Italia Industriale, which sold 12.7 million scooters last year, plans to use RFID chips and IBM software to track motorcycle parts and tools circulating within its manufacturing plant in Atessa, Italy. This, Honda believes, will lead to a […]

Tokyo Shoppers Get RFID Ads

Tokyo is about to go Minority Report. Starting next month, the Tokyo Ubiquitous Network Project will launch its services in Tokyo’s Ginza district, sending shoppers ads via its RFID networks. Shoppers can either rent a prototype reader or get messages on their cell phones. The tags and transmitters identify a reader or phone’s location and match it to information provided by shops. Along with this nifty way of shoving more ads down people’s throats, there are, yet again, calls of concerns about privacy. Researchers, for instance, have suggested that a sensor designed by Nike Inc. […]

In not so surprising news, professional hacker, Adam Laurie, has claimed that he has successfully hacked Australia’s ePassport system. His new reader is able to access the passports, even through a jacket pocket, just so long as he is within a few inches of the actual passport. He is working on a new reader that can read passports from greater distances, putting all passport holders’ identities in jeopardy. He had previously used the same tools to hack into Britain’s electronic passport, and warns it could enable criminals to steal your identity or terrorists to target […]

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