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RFID/NFC (radio-frequency identification/near-field communication) readers can now be used to steal your personal information, including credit-card data, right from your pocket. More than 10 million identities are digitally pick pocketed every year, and these devices are among the most common tools criminals use.

That’s why we partnered with with global information-protection authority Norton to create the world’s first RFID-blocking jeans to develop the world’s first RFID-block jeans and blazer. The READY Active Jeans and Work-It Blazer protected by Norton have two pockets lined with special RFID-blocking fabric, which shields your credit cards from scanning devices.


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Parents and students plan on protesting the use of RFID tracking IDs that the students are required to wear. Many believe that the tags are more about money than keeping track of students.

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As another school year begins, many districts are seeing a push towards the use of biometrics to track students throughout their school day. Despite the fact that these systems can easily be thwarted, school administrations believe that biometric tracking will only be a benefit to the school district and not invasions of privacy.

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Although there are numerous ways around such a system, 20,000 students in the Brazilian city of Vitoria da Conquista will start wearing t-shirts with RFID microchips in them to school in an effort to keep track of them.

By 2013, all of the city’s 43,000 public school students _ aged 4 to 14 _ will be using the chip-embedded T-shirts

The “intelligent uniforms” tell parents when their children enter the school building by sending a text message to their cell phones. Parents are also alerted if kids don’t show up 20 minutes after classes begin with the following message: “Your child has still not arrived at school.”

The chips are placed underneath each school’s coat-of-arms or on one of the sleeves below a phrase that says: “Education does not transform the world. Education changes people and people transform the world.”

The T-shirts, can be washed and ironed without damaging the chips, Moraes said adding that the chips have a “security system that makes tampering virtually impossible.”

Moraes said that Vitoria da Conquista is the first city in Brazil “and maybe in the world” to use this system.

Sorry, but you’re not the first school in the world to attempt such a system. Also, no system is foolproof. There will be ways around it. That’s the nature of technology. RFID can be cloned and hacked. It will be and then the thousands of dollars the school wasted on this system will be all too clear.
This system does nothing but train an entire generation of children that it’s okay to have your every move tracked and that the state knows best for you so just follow along.

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From uGrokit:

How it works:

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