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Last year, the police in the city of Leicester tested the practical use of a body CCTV camera. It proved to be successful for the police, so they are now rolling out the cameras to all police across the United Kingdom. The cameras, which have in-built night vision, have already proved to be invaluable in a number of situations faced by the police, including dealing with domestic violence incidents and identifying offenders in large groups. Police wear the cameras on the front of their stab vests and after attending an incident download the footage captured […]

Besides violating her lease, in New York State, you cannot monitor any security cameras unless you take a safety course by the state and are certified to do so. If she hasn’t don’t this, then she is also in violation of the law. If these cameras were inside her apartment or house, then she would be well within the law. They aren’t. They are on the property of a building that belongs to someone else. Source.

Someone had the bright idea that it would be okay to put CCTV in the children’s restrooms at Ruskin Sports College in Crewe.   Last week, the Chronicletold how the Crewe school has fitted the cameras by the sinks and at the entrances to the male and female bathrooms as a preventative measure against vandalism. Parents have reacted angrily to the fact they were not told before the cameras were installed, but the school says they will not be switched on until parents have been consulted. Concerns were also raised that despite these assurances, the […]

In the UK, the chances are you’re being watched. It has more CCTV cameras per person than almost any other nation on earth. And now the government is planning to cast its intrusive eye over online activity, phone calls and text messages, all under the guise of an anti-terror law. And as RT’s Ivor Bennett reports it’s the taxpayer who may well pay in more ways than one.

The Oxford City Council has proposed that CCTV be mandatory for all taxis and that every conversion be recorded. This is, presumably, for everyone’s safety. Such a blanket scheme would seem to breach the Information Commissioner’s code of practice on the issue. It says recording conversations is unlikely to be justified and that sound on CCTV should usually be turned off. It refers to recording in a cab occurring only if a panic button is pressed. Yet Oxford City Council does not believe it is flouting this code, saying the risk of intrusion is acceptable […]

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