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tsa logic


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A woman accused of making it through airport security without a boarding pass and taking a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor trespassing charge after being arrested at LAX two nights earlier.

Marilyn Hartman, 62, was charged in connection with willfully and unlawfully entering Los Angeles as a stowaway on an aircraft, a misdemeanor, according to the LA City Attorney’s Office. She was ordered to 24 months on probation and three days in jail.

More at NBC Los Angeles.

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Read the entire article at Foreign Policy.

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In April, Heartbleed showed us that 66 percent of the Internet was prone to attack. That meant that everybody who had ever used Facebook or made a purchase on Amazon or watched a movie on Hulu or Netflix was in the potential crosshairs of some very bad people. Which is to say, practically everyone who uses the Internet.

While the number of data breaches is increasing – 30 percent higher in 2013 than the previous year – most of them have been deemed preventable. Retailers and any other organizations that are entrusted with consumer data need to get ahead of this issue now. The bad guys do not sleep.



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A ticketed passenger, who was apparently also drunk, posed as a TSA worker, patting down women at San Fransisco International Airport.

The man, who was wearing khaki pants and a blue polo, may have swiped plastic blue gloves to look the part.

According to authorities, the man returned to the passenger screening area and convinced a passenger who was already screened to go to a private booth. What happened inside isn’t exactly clear, because she disappeared to catch her flight.

Real TSA agents became suspicious of the man when he was seen ushering another woman into the private screening area, because men are only allowed to screen women in the booths if a female agent is present.

So drunken behavior by a fellow employee is not considered suspicious.

The 53-year-old man was detained until police arrived. He faces a public drunkenness charge, but could face additional charges.

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